24th May on Twist Of Fate Friday Update

Abhi goes to Purab and Disha’s room and wakes them up. He happily tells them that he was at Pragya’s house and even now Pragya was having his name still as her husband. He says then I heard King and Pragya talking and whatever I heard was more like a dream. He tells everything. Purab and Disha get happy. Abhi says I don’t need birth certificate now, as Kiara is my daughter. He says I will go with the baraat. Disha says did Pragya accept this? She says ofcourse not, and says Pragya will not accept this until they find the proof. He says she still loves you and kept fast for you. Abhi asks do you want me to keep quiet. Disha says we have to chuck out plan to get the proofs. Abhi says he is feeling sleepy and goes. Pragya wakes up and finds blanket on her. She thinks Kiara covered her with blanket. She wakes her up and tells that she has cinderella play to do.

Abhi happily dances and exercise with Sunny and goes. Pragya makes Kiara ready and takes out her Cinderella dress. Kiara insists to wear it now for a selfie. Pragya asks her to go to school and makes her ready. They laugh as Kiara teases Pragya. King comes and admires them both. Oh Saathi song plays….He smiles and thinks if I shall talk to Pragya about Abhi. Pragya complains to King about Kiara. Kiara also complains about Pragya. They argue. King smiles.

Pragya combs her hairs and asks king to pack her school bag. King thinks he is enjoying to pack Kiara’s bag. He packs her bag. Pragya asks him to give the bag and tells him that there are different sections to keep tiffin box and bottle. Kiara says you are not alone to get scolded by Mamma. King thinks he feels good when Pragya shows right on him. He thinks not to spoil the moment. Kiara tells that she will get her book. Pragya asks King if he wants to ask anything. King says if I would have been Kiara’s father then would I be a good father? Pragya looks on.

King asking Pragya if he would have been Kiara’s father the would he be a good father. Pragya gets tensed. King asks her to relax and says he is just asking casually. Pragya smiles. King asks what is funny about this? Pragya says I can’t give answer to this question straightly and tells that God do everything for a reason, and that’s why God didn’t get you married or that you didn’t meet that girl. He says if you would have got married and have children, then you would have spoiled the children. King asks if I am a bad father? Pragya says you are the best father in the world and tells that she will not value things. King says you want to say that if we are together then I will be a good father for Kiara.

Disha asks Sunny to wear lawyer’s dress. Sunny says he is playing prince in Cindrella play and asks her to give prince dress. He thinks Disha forgot due to Purab tension and asks her to ask him to give the dress whatever he wants him to become. Disha comes to Abhi and teases him. Abhi gets happy and is lost in Pragya’s thoughts. Purab and Disha’s argument begins, she tells that Purab is very romantic and asks him to learn something from Abhi. She tells that Sunny told her that human changes with clothes. Purab asks what is the idea? Disha says we have to make King and Pragya reveal that they are not married. She says Indian embassy officer will ask them to show their passports, when they show their passport then he/she will ask why their surname is different then they have to reveal everything. Purab asks who will execute the plan. Disha says she will execute. Purab refuses to go with Disha. Abhi convinces Purab and says I love you bro.
Kiara says bye to Chachi. Pragya asks her to sit in the car and thinks to talk to Kiara. King comes to Pragya and says he will come for clothes rehearsals. Pragya asks him to come for final programme. King says ok. Disha calls Abhi and tells her that they are going to Pragya’s house and tells that Kiara had told them that Pragya is taking Kiara to school. They argue. Abhi tells that purab will get them caught. Piurab says I will get trapped one day..Abhi asks them not to end the call. Disha asks him to go with Sunny to his school.

King looks at Pragya’s pic and thinks of moments spent with her. O Saathi song plays…Purab and Disha comes to King’s house, checks their beard, moustache and thinks to ring the bell. They ring the bell. King asks who are they> Disha and Purab show their Indian Embassy ID cards and asks him to show the passport and says there is a complaint that you are overstaying. King says he will not show and says if there was any complaint then the embassy would have called them. Abhi asks Purab to tell King that rules have changed. They say the same thing.

King telling that all Embassy rules are same. Abhi asks Purab to tell him that Indian embassy rules have changed. Purab says the same. King asks what is the way to talk? Disha says this is India and we welcome our guest and that’s why we thought to visit our guest. Purab asks him to co-operate else they have to call Police uselessly. King says Police. Purab says foreigners like you don’t show us papers and then we call the police. Disha says then your reputation will get bad. King lets them inside and goes to get the papers. Abhi is at the school and connected to Purab via call. Purab tells him that they reached King’s house. Abhi says decoration is good and tells that Pragya must have done this. Pragya comes and collides with Abhi. His phone falls down. He thinks if

Pragya sees the phone then she will understand everything and acts to get hurt. She asks if he got hurt. He says no. Pragya picks his phone and gives to him. She asks did you come to my house last night? Abhi says yesterday, no..and asks why is she asking? Pragya says may be I had that thought. Abhi says it was a feeling, which were never wrong. Her saree pallu gets stuck, he frees it and thinks he will prove that she isn’t married to King and then she will be hers. He asks her when did she marry King? Pragya says she will call him on her anniversary and goes. Abhi says once it is proved then see what I will do.
Chachi comes and asks if they need her passport to check. King says no, and says you are Indian. Purab asks King if he is married and if yes then when did he marry and where? Chachi asks why is he asking this? Disha says we can file a case against you for interfering in our enquiry. She tells that many foreigners leave their wives and gives example. She says if Mr. King marries an Indian girl then he has to follow the rules. Purab says Disha is right and then changes the words. He tells that they came to know about the girl Pragya. Chachi says Pragya is King’s wife. King goes to get the passport. Chachi goes behind King and tells that she has a doubt on them. King says I have checked their IDs. Chachi says if they take your documents. King says I have argued with them much, now I will show the documents and then he will go. Chachi says we will go to embassy. King says he don’t want any complications for Pragya and Kiara and asks her to give water to them.

Principal announces the function in her school and tells that Prince will propose Cinderella. Many girls come on stage and ask Sunny if he would like to dance with him. He refuses. Kiara comes there. Sunny proposes Kiara to dance with him. Kiara holds his hand and dances with him. Pragya and Abhi smile looking at them. Pragya comes to Abhi. Abhi asks if she was looking for him and gives a rose. A fb is shown, Pragya sees Abhi talking to himself and praising self, she asks him if he would like to drink tea. He says no. Pragya asks do you want to tell me something. Abhi says yes and asks if she liked the room. Pragya says beautiful. She asks did you decorate it? Abhi says no, robin did. She asks him to say looking in her eyes. Abhi gives her rose and asks her to keep it in the water else it will dry. Pragya gets upset and asks him to confess his love.