20th April Saturday Update on Twist is Fate

King is receiving gifts from the teachers and when she comes to him, he asks if she was waiting for him then
starts to tease her and says that he will leave, she then take his hand and starts to walk towards the auditorium,
Kiara and Sunny are talking,she says that he must not get scared as Abhi will help them like in a movie,he gets worried says that he doesn’t understand,

she calms him down.
Abhi and Tanu along with everyone are waiting for the show to starts, Abhi sees Pragya coming with King and he gets emotional, the principal starts the show, King says that he is waiting for the reaction of Kiara.

In the house Mitali is with a women trying to find a husband for someone, she says that she will find a good boy for her,Mitali says that if she waits then the girl will come, the women says that she has to leave for other places,her mom says that it is not right to hide these
Kind of things Mitali says that nothing will happen and they will find someone for their daughter.

In the show it is announced the Sunny and Kiara will perform now, both King and Abhi get overly excited and then feel awkerd when everyone else stops,Pragya wonders how both of them have a relation with her daughter and that they both love her so much, she fears what will happen if they call both of them on stage.

Sunny starts the show with his performance in The Beauty and The Beast, they starts to tell the tale after which everyone gets emotional, Kaira comes as the Princess and Pragya is left speechless,Tanu thinks of what robin said and that she is the witness in the murder of his brother.
The show ends and hearing what Sunny says Pragya and Abhi think of their love stiory, at the end Abhi is not able to control his emoptions for both of them,King asks Pragya as about
whom Abhi is talking about,even the parents like the performance of Kiara and Sunny, Pragya thinks of what the teacher said, she prays that kiara must not win, she thinks as to what
is happening now that she wants her own child to fail; Kiara starts to wave Pragya quickly handles the situation.

The host says that the parents can have a break and take the sweets, she says that the results will be announced after ten minutes.

Tanu sees Kiara and Pragya hugging, she gets speechless, Tanu thinks of what will happen now that she is the witness of the murder, Pragya says that she went to the doctor and now will go home, Kiara says that she will also go with her, she does not listen to even a word that Pragya says she says that she doesn’t want the trophy as nothing is better then her mother, Kiara says that she will also go with her.

The principal makes her husband meet both of them saying that he likes both of them, she says that he was very adamant to meet them, they ask who she likes more, King makes her fall in his trap and then they start to have fun,the judge call Principal and she leaves,they both think that they will hand the trophy to Kaira from the other one.
Tanu calls Aaliya and says that

Kiara is the daughter of Pragya, Aaliya gets angry asking what she is saying
Tanu says that she knows it exactly and they both are mother and daughter, Aaliya gets emotional
and steps out of the car, everyone starts to honk and she get in ordering tanu to make Abh come home.
Tanu says that she doesn’t know what to do and will not be able to do it, Aaliya says that she must do it, Tanu says that
Disha also challenged her that she will make both of them come closer and she is scared, Aaliya calms her saying
that they have very little time and she must hurry.
Pragya asks the teacher for directions and comes seeing both Abhi and King sharing a smile, she gets worried and Abhi sees this she looks at King, he then looks at Pragya asking what happened because Pragya looks alright, Abhi asks for a moment when the principal comes
he does not even listen to King .

Abhi stops her, questioning about her worries but she doesn’t tell him saying that he will not understand as he didn’t understood her before.she says something from her mind when he forces her after that eh leaves, Pragya meets the teacher asking permission for taking her home, the teacher says that Kiara has won so she must stay as she will be called on the stage, Pragya fears what will happen now that she will face Abhi and what will she say to him.

Disha sees her from a distance and comes to ask her about her worries, Pragya gets emotional and hugs but doesn’t say anything regarding Kiara, she hurriedly leaves, Disha thinks that if she didn’t tell her about Kiara the will also not tell this to Abhi so she must do it herself.

Disha comes and asks Abhi to come when she calls her and does not tell him the reason then leaves, Disha follows Pragya thinking that she must tell the truth to Abhi as he really needs to know about it,
Pragya moves on and Kiara comes asking if she got permission to go home but that she will ask this herself, Pragya stops her saying all that is in her heart.

Kiara asks from whom she was running but then say that she is just like Abhi as she cannot understand some things that she says,Dish calls Abhi and feels sorry for Pragya.

Kiara asks how she is feeling, Pragya says that she is okay now, Kiara says that they should go to Dada but Pragya says that she will go and call him as he wants to meet her alone, Kiara promise her to not go anywhere
Pragya leaves, Disha comes back but is not able to find Abhi, Pragya calls King who says that he wants to meet Kiara but is not able to find her, Pragya says that she will meet him outside
and now he must meet both of them.

Abhi and kiara are both sharing a very good moment together when she leaves and he sees Disha.
Disha say that Kiara and him have the came choices in a lot of thinking like food and dress, Abhi says that he also
felt the same but was hesitant to admit it now that she has said it he feels happy.
Disha says that he must have a connection with her, she says that he might have met her
when she was pregnant, Abhi says that he will meet her parents on the stage because sunny and Kiara have won.

Tanu thinks of what she will do to stop him from meeting Pragya,Aaliya is in the house and wondering what will happen
to her if she again come back to the house and then she will be thrown out, Aaliya decides to leave when Mitali comes saying that her daughter is coming from

the hostel and now some family members are also coming to see their daughter for marriage, Aaliya gets nervous and leaves.
King asks Pragya about Kiara but when they are talking Kiara comes from behind and they both start to have a talk filled with fun he says that h e came and now she must kiss him, she does this and then they both start to tickle each other,Pragya thinks of what will happen if she is called on stage but then what will Abhi do after he learns the truth, she decides that she will tell him the truth herself.

Tanu tries to make a plan to stop Abhi from meeting Pragya, she then decides that she will take the help of a peon, she then devises a plan, the peon comes and she gives him a bribe after that he agrees to help her saying that he will lock Abhi in the storage room, Tanu agrees.

Disha is thinking of her plan and wondering if Pragya is happy with King and what will happen after they both know the truth, she is thinking when Someone bumps into her, she turns and it is
Pragya who asks her what is wrong with her, she turns when Disha says that she doesn’t trust her and Pragya is left shocked.

Abhi is talking with someone when the Peon comes and ask if he knows Kiara, Abhi says that he knows, Peon says that she is calling him and he must follow him as he leads, he starts to walk,
Tanu is hiding and thinks that she will all that she can to make Pragya stay away from him.
The peon leads Abhi but he stops him asking where he is taking him, Peon says that she told him to not say anything as this is a surprise but he can tell him,Abhi says that he doesn’t want to know.
He walks by a teacher who says that why did he get married so early, Tanu touches her and warns her to not say things like this, she doesn’t listen to anything the teacher has to say and then gets
angry asking her to leave, when she turns King is standing behind,he comes to her and asks about her problem against Pragya, he says that when Pragya was attacked at her house then she must tell the
person to stay away from Pragya,she says that she doesn’t know, he is adamant when Kiara asks him to come, he goes after her after giving Tanu a serious warning to stay away from his family,Picking Kaira
up and walking away.

Pragya ask Disha the reason for saying this, she says that sh feels that Pragya does not consider her sister, she says that he felt that Pragya was hiding something and will tell everyone the truth or at least
her,she says that she is not doing something wrong but then Disha asks if she loves Abhi, Pragya says that she loved him a lot but he was not supposed to be with her and so this cannot happen, Disha says that
she tried but nothing happened.