20 Ridiculous things often found in Indian TV series (Zee World)


20 Ridiculous things often found in Indian TV series (Zee World)

Things that happen only in Indian TV series.

Indian television series have some things in common. I’m talking about the Family Drama series transmitted in Zee World same as  Zee TV,Star Life, Color Tv and so on. One fact about Indian daily soap is that no matter how many episodes you missed when you watch the soap again, you will be able to follow it totally; reason being stories crawl in Indian soaps.

These are the true things that can only happen in Indian TV series.

  1. If you are poor, you are an angel, If you are rich, you are a brat, If by chance there exists any middle-class family (generally girls) the girl/boy falls in love with a member of a rich family, you  easily spot the villain and his/her protagonist for obvious reasons.They’re always very easy to identify.Pinky-Krishi-cast-zee-world
  2. Women sleep and wake up with a full set of makeup on, they are always dressed like they are going to a party, but when it is time for them to leave the house they are always told to get ready.Zee world series
  3. Every family has a female character who wants to ruin the family and take over everything. These female characters also have their own special evil background music for every time they make an entry or say something.Aaliya-and-tanu-cast-in-twist-of-fate
  4. Every time something big is revealed, the camera must flash on each and every character face, at least 3 times…heck the camera will flash on faces even when someone just enters a room.Zee World camera flash
  5. The villain or vamp has super hearing, and can hear other’s conversations, through walls, across a hall full of people at a busy party, from a different table in a restaurant, heck they can even listen to other peoples thought when the person is not even talking but thinking.
  6. Conspire loudly with all your doors and windows open so that your enemy can eavesdrop. Of course, you have to be foolish and saintly to hatch a useless plot against your evil but an intelligent enemy.Zee tv drama online
  7. There is no code of ethics for doctors, and the police, they will lie for even a little amount of money.DNA reports are always switched and never correct, Anyone can go to the hospital and kill anyone.kumkum-dna-zee-world
  8. Every lead character has met with an accident. no matter what kind of accident you got into or what kind of injuries you sustained, you’ll somehow always end up with a bandage wrapped around your head, with a big bloody splotch on the front.
  9. The lead character will lose his/her memory and will regain it suddenly, both the incidents triggered by the evil plots of the female villain.Zee-world-accident
  10. There elder persons usually a (Grandfather) or (Grandmother) never die, If we calculate their age its likely to be 190years.Zee-Tv-online-drama
  11. Every successful businessperson gains the profit, Powerpoint Presentations is the only thing businessmen do.Zee world hindu zee tv
  12. Indian TV serial girls have an extraordinary power of getting pregnant without having sex.The girl comes in and says…I am pregnant! and the funny part is the boy doesn’t even remembers the night when he was with her in bed and believes her and finally forced to marry her.
  13. Aging is for losers. We stay forever young.

Sacred ties zee world

15. Clothes are a symbol of character. Saintly women are more traditional, whereas the evil women wear contemporary saris, daring blouses and chic jewelry.

16. You always fall in love with someone you shouldn’t, But here is no point in falling in love because you end up marrying someone else, When you finally fall in love with your husband, your first love comes back into your life…to create problems of course

17. There is always a time where two (or more even) people are looking for each other in a small area of the same mall and they keep roaming around in circles and pass each other about six times, but miraculously never see each other.

18. If the hero or heroine get some strong proof again the villian are about to expose them, they first go and tell the villian about it, giving them a chance to run or destroy the proof.

19. Just as someone is about to get caught red handed, the person about to catch them moves slower and slower, giving them enough time to flee.

20. Nobody ever dies a natural death, If a body is recovered it is burnt beyond recognition.

If a person is considered dead, they most definitely return after 200 episode, with not only their face changed, but also their height, weight, voice everything.

Indian TV series don’t have any genre they show the widest range of possibilities. A series may have supernatural, spiritual, criminal, horror, comedy, action, romantic and endless genres, makes me wonder if they have a hand booklet given to them before they decide to plot a story.

These are a few things that happen in the Indian soap, but the list does not limit only to these. Please comment your observations below, don’t spoil the fun.

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