1st Monday April Update on This is Fate

Rishab is on the stage saying that this party is to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his parents and as they all know that any party is incomplete without some dance and so they must give a bug round of applause for his parents, Chachi says to Rakhi to go on the stage in a very uncivilized manner, Rakhi gets ashamed to which Sarla also taunts her, they all cheer her and Rishab asks Mahesh to makes his mother get ready for the dance, he says that he has been with her for 25 years and will do it in a few minutes and then he gets down on his knees and she also agrees, they both dance very romantically on the stage.
Sherlin’s mother is saying to the inspector hat she is sitting just in front of her house, just then Karan, Preeta and Shristri and seeing her hide, he says that as to what the hell

is she doing here and then with the help of a plant the escape from the house, leaving the mother I sheer amazement as to how did the plant get here.

Preeta thanks god that they escaped to which Karan says that Prithvi will not be okay now Shristhri says that she is very excited but Karan says that she is getting very happy but the one who should be happy is sad, Preeta says that they are middle class and this is the reason her mother had very good intentions with this marriage and if it broke then this will have very bad effect on her, Shristhri explains this to him Karan is yelling at Preeta for something and then sees her cry, he then says that she is very special and even is her wedding is called off then there will be a line of boys wanting to marry her and some of them she had never expected, they both sit in the car and he say that he has no interest of marrying someone and if he wanted to then he would have married her, Preeta gets angry saying that does her wish not matter Karan says that if someone kidnaps some other person then their wish does not matter.
Chachi calls Karina asking whether there will be only one dance as they have a lot of dance in their parties, she calls Rishab and Sherlin to dance, He gets a call and excuses to which she then asks Prithvi to which he says that he does not know then she forces him and he also agrees and goes, when they are dancing Chachi asks Dadi if they both had an affair to which she asks as to why did she think of something like this, Chachi says that does she not see them both as to how closely they are dancing, Dadi says that it is not their fault rather all of the young generation is like this and whenever they hear a song they get like this, Karan gets to the party and sees them both with amazement.
Dadi points to Preeta and Chachi says that how beautiful she is and she is worthy to be their daughter in law to which Dadi says that this cannot happen as Preeta is already engaged t Prithvi who is the boy who was dancing with Sherlin, Chachi says that how did this disturbance happen
Rishab calls Sameer and asks him if he saw the three of them going somewhere, Sameer says that he does not know where they went but he knows that it was like a matter of life and death for them hearing which Rishab gets amazed.
Mahesh comes and sees Prithvi and Sherlin together, she asks if he wants something to which he says that he wants cold beer and she hands it to him saying that she was looking for water and they both try to get away, Mahesh also offers Prithvi the beer.

Rishab asks all three of them as to who is hiding what and where they were all off the party, they all get confused and then he says that they will all say it together and then they say different things, hearing which Rishab says that it will take some more time for them to fool him, the he asks Preeta about the truth to which she says that she will not tell him now as she cannot tell a lie but when the time comes she will tell him the truth , Shristhri tries to say something but he stoops her saying that when Preeta said that she will tell him the truth then she does not need to say anything, he asks them to come with him and join the party.
Prithvi is walking when Sherlin calls him in the corner saying that she feels dizzy and is not feeling good, he asks her as to what can he do as there are a lot of people here and he cannot lift her, she gets mad saying that she does not want him to carry her but just wanted to say that she does not feel good and then starts to say that he is always speaking of Preeta and her family and has maybe lost his interest in her and does not want to be with her, when she is saying these things the he sees Preeta coming towards them.

Preeta decides that today she would clearly ask Prithvi if there is a relation between him and Sherlin. If he denies she would inquire about the photo she found in Sherlin’s room. Sherlin and Prithvi were standing together but Sherlin stood behind a wall, she was at once alert and hides herself. Preeta was about to ask Prithvi but Shrishti comes there and tries to stop Preeta. She drops her phone and recognizes Prithvi wore the same worn by the man she had seen from under the door. Rakhi comes there calling them for party before Preeta could now speak to Prithvi.
Sherlin comes to Rishab who notices she had been sweating and unwell.
Everyone was called on dance floor. Preeta danced with Karan, Rishab and Shrishti danced together while Sherlin and Prithvi had a chance with one another.

Sherlin was irked that everyone was looking towards Preeta only. Prithvi also feels jealous that Preeta is staring at Karan. They switch positions, Shrishti comes to dance with Sameer now. Rishab was happy to get a chance and dance with Preeta after long. Karan was dancing with Sherlin who feels nauseatic all at once. She leaves the hall.
Rakhi, Karina and Chachi follow Sherlin to washroom. Chachi was suspicious that Sherlin is pregnant and asks if she has a relation with Rishab? Karina wasn’t ready to accept this. There, Karan was shocked to hear the news and leaves from outside. In the room, Karina blames Rakhi for giving her the freedom to interfere in their personal matters.
Preeta asks Kritika how her hand was burnt, it seems a bruise as if burnt. Kritika asks if she would lie to Preeta. Preeta says she feels so. Karan comes calling Preeta and takes Shrishti along to speak to them.
Chachi wasn’t ready to shut and was sure Sherlin would agree she is pregnant. She says anything can be hidden in this world but not the pregnancy, she must accept it was a mistake.
Outside, Karan tells the girls that Sherlin is pregnant. Shrishti was determined that they will break her relation with Prithvi. Preeta insists she would only accept a doctor’s report. Karan says Chachi is an experienced girl. Preeta wasn’t ready to accept and suggests there is a possibility this is Rishab’s child.
Karina defends Sherlin and tells Rakhi to make her Chachi understand well she shouldn’t say this in the party. The guests in the party doesn’t personally know Sherlin and this will bring them disgrace only. Karina wasn’t ready to question Sherlin at all and takes her. Rakhi joins hands to Chachi and says Rishab knows his limits well, he can’t do any of such acts.
Karan agrees to Preeta that there is a possibility Sherlin may be pregnant with Rishab. Preeta was thankful that at least Karan understood her in life for the first time. Shrishti hurries to decorate the cake trolley for ceremony. Karan stares at Preeta for a while then walks away.
Rishab asks Sherlin if she is fine, she replies she is better. Karina leaves. Rakhi comes to the party upset. Rishab wonders if someone scolded Chachi. Sherlin says it was important, he goes to look after her. Karina tells Sherlin that Rishab is just like his mother and respects elders a lot, she shouldn’t have said this in front of Rishab. She confirms Sherlin if she is really pregnant, because if this is so she would also be helpless. Sherlin refuses in front of Karina. She then deliberately spills a drink over her dress and goes inside.

Prithvi follows her in the room and was concerned about Sherlin’s health. She tells Prithvi casually that she is pregnant. Prithvi asks whose child? Sherlin slaps him. She firstly clarifies to Prithvi that she isn’t pregnant, and if she had been only Prithvi must be the father to her child. Prithvi was relieved and says Sherlin must only have got acidity.