1st July Monday Update on kindred hearts

Jhanvi says to Nisha that i am sure you have done something, why this knife was in his room? what you did? Kaki comes there, Nisha says Baba is scared of you and not me, i am sure its all because of you, you leave. Jhanvi sees Kaki and asks how is Baba? can i meet him now? Kaki says he panicked second time seeing you in a single, it would be better if you dont meet him right now, it would be good if you stay away from for somedays, please go.

Kaki leaves, Jhanvi is sad, Nisha says now you have to leave, i will take you out of house personally, I have asked you gently many times, i am telling you last time to not come inbetween me and this family, you worry about Baba right? i will bring certified nurse for him, leave now, just leave. Jhanvi says I am leaving now for Baba’s sake but i will end this game which you have started. Nisha takes knife from her, Jhanvi glares at her and leaves. Nisha says I hope I dont have to see this Jhanvi ever again.
Jhanvi comes out of Adi’s house sadly, she has tears in her eyes and leaves.

Adi brings kids home. Nisha greets kids and they go to her room. Adi smirks at Nisha, Nisha sweetly smiles at him. Adi comes to her and smiles, he grabs her hand and drags her to room. He shouts what to do with you? i feel like slapping you, you are making your child lie? for you you are making your daughter lie? have some shame. He brings Jhanvi’s clothes from closet and says what is this? are you psycho? behave like girl sometimes and you want to take care of Baba by threatening him? Jhanvi came here to take care of Baba and you did this with her? i am ashamed of you, you are so filthy, i am disgusted.

Nisha cries and says dont say that, why did you bring Jhanvi here? i did all this because i love you, how to make you believe that I love you, i dont care about anyone but what should i do to make you believe that I love you Adi? she hugs him behind. Adi pushes her away and says what kind of love is this? if you realize your mistake then call Jhanvi and say sorry, tell her that Baba and this family needs her and she has to come back, tell her you filled fear in Baba’s mind against her, he calls Jhanvi and yells at Nisha to talk to Jhanvi.

Nisha takes call, Jhanvi answers call, Nisha says I am sorry Jhanvi, forgive me, comeback, Adi says not like this, like you plan and plot sweetly, tell her sweetly too, tell her you are sorry and tell her what you did too. Jhanvi hears everything on call. Nisha says on call to Jhanvi that I manipulated Baba because i didnt want you back in this house, I am sorry, forgive me please, she weeps, and says please comeback. Jhanvi says i will comeback but till you dont say sorry from heart, it has no importance to me, I want Baba to become fine so i will come only for him, she ends call.

Nisha looks at Adi and says i am sorry, she grabs his shirt and looks down, Adi says now go to Baba, hold his feet and ask for forgiveness, she says Adi? Adi says you are ashamed now? you dont feel shame when you do filthy acts and destroy lives of people, go and touch Binni’s feet now, Nisha turns to leave but Adi says thats the problem, i cant do this, I cant disrespect child’s mother infront of a child, i cant make kids see their mother like this but you have to hold Baba’s feet and plead for forgiveness, go now, Nisha silently leaves, Adi looks on.

Adi is feeding food to Baba, Jhanvi comes there and calls out to Baba. Baba says Jhanvi come inside, she sits beside him. Baba says i am sorry, he folds his hands and says I am sorry, Nisha took advantage of my weakness again and i thought wrong about you, forgive me please, Jhanvi says dont apologize, its not your fault, elders look good only when blessing not apologizing, now give me a smile, Baba smiles, Adi smiles seeing them. Baba holds their hand in his each hand, Baba says to Jhanvi and Adi that because of you both, i feel like life is not so bad and I can live it, I pray that you both always stay with me and never leave me alone, Adi and Jhanvi looks at each other nervously. Jhanvi sadly looks at him, Baba kisses their hands, Jhanvi pulls her hand away and looks on.

Jhanvi is sitting in her house. Survi brings ice-cream for her, Jhanvi says you used to eat mine, i am surprised you brought it. Survi sees her writing and asks if she is writing about Adi? Jhanvi says if Nisha cant be happy with these people then she can never be happy, Adi is so tensed and wants to divorce her, but i feel bad for their kids, they would have to choose Adi or Nisha. Survi says we had to choose one parent too, infact we didnt even get to choose, our situations are similar, Jhanvi says are you serious? Nisha use her kids for her advantage, Maa is so loving to us. Jhanvi says to Survi that our Maa did so much for us, she never got married again to raise us, papa never looked for us.Survi says you never know what really happened, why Maa really left him, Jhanvi says have you gone mad? you are comparing Nisha with our mother?

Malhar asking Baji, where is he going? Baji says this is that cheater trick to divert us. Malhar says he must have gone from back side way. They see a man going secretly. Baji says he might be Mughals’ informer and says we shall catch him. The man runs faster. Baji and Malhar follow him. Balaji asks someone about Baji. He tells about Baji’s doubt and tells that he went to catch the informer who is among them. He told that he will burn Mughals’ gunpowder, so that informer tries to inform Mughal and get caught.

Radha comes there with Chimna and Bhiu. Balaji asks what you are doing here? Radha asks where is my son, I gave his responsibility to you. Baji is following the informer. Informer with his face covered with blanket asks if they are searching him. He removes the
blanket and shows his face. Baji and Malhar are shocked to see Shridhar. Shridhar says you never thought that I will be Mughal’s informer. He tells that he gave all info to Naser. Baji says what do you think that I will go to Mughals and you will catch me. He says I have my eyes on you and knows your trick.

Baji says I was doubtful on you, but wanted to catch you red handed. He says you have betrayed your land and people, says anything can be forgivable but not country betrayal. He is about to kill him, but Mughals’ soldiers come to his rescue and surrounds Baji and Malhar. Balaji asks why did you come and says if I shall do the war or take care of you. Radha says I don’t know and asks where is my son. Balaji asks the boy about Baji’s plan. Radha asks him to say. Boy says Baji wants to steal the barood/gun powder using informer. Radha asks Balaji to go and search her son, and asks about Mughals’ soldiers count. Boy says 4000. Radha is worried. Balaji promises to bring Baji back and asks Maddar to come. Balaji tries to sit on the horse, but couldn’t due to his injury.

Baji keeps his sword on the land.. Malhar asks how can you keep the sword down and accept failure. Baji says we can’t win from them. Informer laughs aloud and says Balaji’s son have accepted defeat. Baji says I know Naser and Qamer Uddin want my cut head, and says whoever cuts my head will get wealth and prize, and that’s why you might all want to kill me, but I want to fulfill my last wish. Shridhar asks them not to listen and kill them. Malhar asks did he forget his customs. The soldier says that we don’t know what is Moksha and says we will cut you head. Baji says you can kill me, but history will laugh on you. Shridhar asks them not to listen to him. Mughal soldier asks him to tell his wish. Baji says he wants to apply his land’s soil to his body. Malhar says even I have the same wish. Radha applies lep to Balaji’s wounds. Bhiu is scared. Chimna reminds of her promise and asks her not to get tensed.

Baji and Malhar take soil bath. Mughal soldiers tell that Marathi is mad about their sil and is about to kill them. Baji and Malhar gets up and say har har mahadev aloud. The Mughals get shocked to see them throwing stone on the honey bee’s hive. The Mughal’s get scared as honey bee attacks them. Baji and Malhar catch Shridhar and asks him to help them steal Mughal’s gun powder. Malhar threatens to kill him. Shridhar tells that he wants to meet Mughal’s officer and says he has a message from Naser. Soldier looks at Baji and asks who is he? Malhar says he is Naser’s dear friend and says if naser comes to know that you are not letting him meet then he will get ready.

Maddar says he will go and search Baji. Khaas says we are some and tells that he will go alone searching Baji. Boy says we need Khaas in the war and tells that Balaji’s condition is weak. Everyone tell that they will go, but Radha says she will go to rescue her son. Malhar asks Baji, how we will escape with the barood. Shridhar says you haven’t made the plan yet. Baji says if we die then we will die all together. They see soldiers coming there. A Mughal man asks them to stop and asks why you didn’t greet me by bending down. Shridhar thinks Baji will get him killed.

Jhanvi comes out of Nisha’s room and recalls how Binni said to Nisha that i didnt tell anyone about plan of this party. Jhanvi says when will Nisha stop using her kids? she is raising them wrong, this is so wrong. Nisha is planning party so something will go wrong, she might hurt kids or Adi, i should inform Adi, she calls Adi but his phone is off. Jhanvi says I have to keep an eye on Nisha.

Nisha calls Mr. Lakhani and asks what is Adi’s move next? Lakhani says Adi has hired a top lawyer for divorce case. Nisha says today is our anniversary, I want to make this day and night special for Adi, he will come close to me. Lakhani says when it will be proved in court that Adi is close to you then divorce will not happen, Nisha says he wont divorce me, ofcourse he will come
close to me, our plan will work. Jhanvi comes there but Binni takes her away before she can hear to Nisha.
Jhanvi is sitting with kids and thinks that Nisha please dont do anything to hurt feelings of these kids. Jhanvi says i have work, i have to leave, kids says no no no, you cant leave, you did arrangements for this party so you have to stay, can you make us ready for party? she nods. Jhanvi prays that Adi reads her message.

Nisha gets ready for party, she wears make up and jewelry and says nobody can snatch Adi away from me not even he himself, he forgets that he is mine only mine, 8 years on this day you went crazy for my beauty and that will happen again today and if it doesnt then I will make it. I will make this evening, this night for you, for us very special, happy anniversary Nisha’s Adi.