19th April Friday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World Tv

King is with Abhi and says that it was a murder and they but agree, just then the Manger comes and says that they both are invited a chief guest to the function at a school, they agree.
Dasi asks Purab who looks like beast either Aaliya or Tanu but then he is forced and hey start to argue but he Is silent, Purab thinks then says that he looks like Aaliya, Disha says that she thinks that it is Aaliya, Dasi says that she thought that it was only her who thought like this, Aaliya asks in anger as to what is happening, she says that if they want then they can say it in front of her, Dasi says that they were just having fun, Aaliya says that she has no time for this kind of a thing, Abhi calls sunny and he leaves.
Sunny goes and scares Abhi who pretends that he is really scared, Disha comes

and he asks why is she like this and not confident, she says that she wants him to have a family o0f his own, he thinks that he will never have it as this was on possible with Pragya.

Pragya prepares Kiara for her party and says that she looks just like a princess, they take a photo, Kiara says that she has to send it to her, she is about sne when she gets call from him and he asks what should he wear she says that he should wear whit as he looks handsome, they both start to talk and she says that he is a very good and must come to meet her very soon, he say that he wants her to meet someone special and that they will be a very good family if fate considers it.

King catches Pragya she says that she is fine and leaves, king thinks of how he feels when she is with him, he gets a call from the manager who asks him to be on time.
Abhi also gets a call and it is King who ask him to be a little late but he says that he will be there before time, King says that it is a very good change, Pragya is standing and coming in says that Tarun will not come with him and that is there someone who is coming with him, he says that Abhi is also coming as chief guest, Kiara comes and kin says that she is looking very pretty but she is very angry a she is not coming, King tries to calm her down but she is mad an d leaves, he says that this is even better as now the surprise will be even more good.
Abhi reaches the function with Tanu, Purab, Sunny, the teachers and everyone welcome him and also have photos with him, they thank him but he says that he will be the chief guest after King but now is a parent, Tanu is very selfish but all of the others are having fun, she says that she has no interest I anything.
Disha and Purab go and talk about what will happen if Abhi and Pragya meet just then Tanu sees them, he warns her that she should take a look before saying anything, a teacher comes and asks Purab to come with him as she ways to talk with him, they leave Abhi and Sunny are both looking for Kiara but not able to find her,

Karan comes with Pragya and they go back to get her water bottle, she then runs to surprise Abhi from behind and they both start to talk how she is looking, she says that she is with her mother and she really wants the two of them to meet.

Abhi is with Kiara and ask if he looks fine to meet her mother, he ask where she is Kiara says that she went to get her water bottle and will come soon, Pragya gets worried when she is not able to find her, Sunny comes with Disha and seeing Kiara says that he will go and make the both of them meet, Disha says that may god make both of them meet and never make them go apart, Sunny gets interrupted by his teacher, she decides to do it himself but is pulled back by Tanu.
Kiara says that her mother told her to sit on the bench and that is where she will come, they both go there but Pragya moves forward, Abhi asks where she is and then sunny is told by his teacher to go to the back stage and that she will bring Kira, he dodges her and then go to meet Pragya, she says that he is looking good and

where Kiara is he says that she is at the bench, she wonders but then he leaves, the teacher comes and says that she is very happy top see how he was dressing her, he says that he is not her father but really loves her, the teacher takes her to the backstage as she tells her that she must prepare her, Abhi wishes her luck after that she leaves.

Tanu brings Disha asking why is she doing this as Tanu has always tried to do anything for them, she says that she bought expensive toys for sunny and also arranged parties for them but she still wants to bring Pragya back, Disha says that this was her version and now she will tell what she feels like because what she did was only for her, Disha sys that she did the necklace drama for her spotlight and never cared of Abhi’s feelings, she says that Abhi never wants to be with her and this is why he never shares a room with her, Tanu tries to hit her but she says that, their marriage is just compromise and if she tries to do this then she will make her feel a lot of bad luck. Disha says that Tanu never did anything for the family and that Abhi only loves Pragya, Tanu says that she will never let them be together again because Abhi only belongs to her, Disha says that they were always together, they are Prt for some reason but will come back together and this time non can separate them.
Kiara goes to hugs Pragya asking her where she was a she only wants her to meet her Superman dad, Pragya hears the announcement that the program is about to start and they must go, Kiara I sits her to meet her friend and they go.
A boy asks Abhi to tuck his shirt in, he agrees and when he finishes the boy points that Pragya is very beautiful but Abhi thinks that it is someone else and makes him go away for the function, he looks at his watch and is left amazed.
Pragya asks what clothes was he wearing, she says that he was wearing white , Pragya then asks who corrected her crown, she says that it was her second dad, Pragya informs her that she cannot make anyone her father but she says that she can and Pragya is left speechless.

Pragya takes Kiara when she is stopped saying that they must to take e photos as that they will courier it and she must stay back after the program has ended because the chief guest will hand the winner cup. Abhi is talking when Kiara comes from behind and accidentally falls, she is caught by Abhi who gets worried and hugs her, Pragya is left amazed seeing this, Abhi says to Kiara that he loves her, he says that she must walk carefully,.
Tanu says to Disha that she is just dreaming because no one can make them come back together, she says that there is someone, Tanu says that she knows who it is and none can hide anything from her, Disha says that she was right and that she was the one who hurtled Dasi, Tanu agrees saying that she will harm anyone who come in between her and Abhi. Disha tries to scold her but Tanu says hat she was doing wrong and she cannot do anything if she is older, Tanu says that she did something with Dasi but hearing this Disha gets worried, Tanu then keeps saying that Abhi only belongs to her. Disha says that she is sounding like Kans and he was stubborn like her and turned a criminal. It was then that God sent a helper like Krishna who came for a purpose and fulfilled it.

Kiara takes Abhi to meet her mother but she is not able to find her, she says that she wanted her to meet him but doesn’t know where she went, Pragya thinks when she was told about Abhi from Kiara.

Tanu is trying to blackmail Pragya, she says that she is only;y doing this because
she wants to steal Abhi from her, Pragya ask her to not be so insecure and let her live her life,
Tanu wonders what is happening and why is she is here, she then thinks that what is she has a child.
Pragy is walking when King calls her, Tanu sees this and says that she came with King and may not have a child.