18th April Thursday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World Tv

Tanu is very happy and meets Aaliya she says that she is in a very light mood and wants to be properly for him, when she leaves Aaliya wonders why he called her Jaan and ten says that he is meeting Pragya, Chachi comes and asks Pragya why did Abhi, came she gets confused and says that he came to check on her as she got injured at his house, she leaves when Chachi thinks that’s he has saw the world and knows that something is going on between Abhi and Pragya.
Savarin Dasi calls Dasi just when Abhi enters and they both start to stare at him and laugh out loud at his dressing, he gets nervous and leaves, they both get happy to see his face.
Abhi enters the room and asks why has she decorated the room, she ask him why is be wearing Kings Clothes, he starts to make excuses
She says that she did this for him and he was with some else, Abhi says that he is not like this, she says that she has made him his world then why does he not accept her, he says that she must not talk about her a she is not like her and she tried to made him think that Nikhil’s so was his and that’s why Pragya left him, he says that she must not say anything of her, he leaves she thinks why he talked of Nikhil and if he saw her with him, she thinks of not letting him find out.

Kings dressing and then picks Pragya ring. He starts to think of her and the moment he danced with her, he gets into a romantic scene and wears the ring, Chachi knocks and he asks her to come in, he hides the ring but then wonders why he is hiding the ring, she asks him that why is she living differently from other women and is not acting like a wife, he says that he does not understand what she is saying, she says that why does she not live with him, he makes her sit down and says that she must not worry about him and Pragya, he says that she does not know all of the story and when she will know it then she will say that Pragya was right, she says that she does not fell right and just then

Tarun comes in saying that he fixed the meeting the next day, he asks his mother to prepare something for him and then King also asks her, she wonders what if what she saw was only her imagination.
Abhi changes and finds Pragya ring, he wonders how he brought it with him and then decides to give it back the next time he meets her. It starts to rain, he goes to stand at the window just to enjoy the rain just like Pragya who is doing the same,

Purab and Disha starts to fight, she says that she will not give him anything, he says that he was wrong and he is the one who is scared even he us afraid of his mother, he then says that he is the best thing that they both have, Sunny hugs him, he say that they both must remain free as he has taken part in the contest of their school, Disha wonders how she could make Pragya and Abhi meet.
Abhi comes to the counter then he asks for a red velvet Pastry, she says that the pastry is already sold out, He says that he will take it and give her a lot of money, she declines saying that if he ask her then she will give it to him, he turns to find that it is Kiara and then she says that he can have it and they both start to argue on who will take it, she then decides to share it and they both start talking about how they both are very similar, she ask him why he did not meet her, she also asks him the same question, they both decide to have the Pastry, both of them have a lot of fun eating it.

Pragya goes to check on Kiara, Abhi says that his Dadi said that when they eat someone else’s food then they both get into love, she says that she also decided to check if his Dadi said it, she asks him what he is doing tomorrow, she says that she has a competition and she wants him to come, she say that she really wants him to meet her mother, he asks why she calls him Superman , she says that she only calls him this because he saved her mother and so is his superman

Pragya enters and sees Kiara talking to someone, she wonders what she is doing, then someone from her past comes to meet her and ask her about her life with Abhi, she says that she is kay, then the lady asks her about if it is the case with another women, Pragya gets emotional.
Kiara asks Abhi why he does not have a girl baby, he gets sad saying that he will tell her when she geta little big but she insists and he says that he will come and he will also tell her.
Abhi meets the lady who says that she knows why he is upset as because Pragya is not with him, he says that how does she know this at which she says that she met with Pragya at the door and she told him that she married another person and she has a child with him, he goes to meet her.
Kiara brings the keys and says that whoever will find them then the other will have to listen, they both start to find it then Pragya gets the keys and they go to the house,

Abhi comes out wondering that the lady made a mistake, Pragya is trying to make Kiara eat the food but she is not listening and gets ma, she forces Pragya to agree to her demand and then they eat the food,Pragya asks her if she has prepared everything, she says that she has done everything and cannot wait because she will then meet her best friend, Kiara runs away and goes to send the invitation to Abhi.READ NEXT/ FRI 19 APRIL ON TWIST OF FATE