18th April Thursday Update on This is Fate

Preeta tries to change the topic saying that she is doing her work and if she doesn’t do it then their mother will scold her, Shrishti asks to god to make everything alright as she knows how it feels to miss someone a she is also missing someone, that is Sameer, she thinks that she will not meet him at their house but must have a meeting with him.
Karan takes the ball in his hand and says that he feels very worried to be away from her even though he is not with her to make trouble.

Karan says that he was helping her to bring out the truth, he is angry and he called her first even though she should have called him, he takes the ball and says to not stare at him as Preeta will not come, Sameer comes in and asks if he is okay, Karan says yes but he asks if he is missing Preeta, Karan gets amazed and asks the reason he felt the Karan was missing Preeta, Sameer says that he has Proof and he was taking about the Party but Karan was only interested I n Preeta, Karan asks him to shut up and get ready, Sameer gets excited and goes to get ready.
Shristri is giving Janki food and when he finishes , she says that she wants a reward but rather only needs an advice, she says that she does not know what she is happening with her as she is doing stuff that is making no sense and when

she is hungry she drinks a lot of water, she says that she owns that she was dumb but never knew that she will come to like Sameer as she never liked him and was always fighting him but recently she came to like him as she cannot lie with her, she goes to close the door the comes saying that she has a secret and cannot tell anyone and is only sharing with her, she likes Sameer, she gets Nervous and says that she does not know how to tell him and when she told him even then he was not able to understand. She says that she is a girl and wants to know if he also like her and wants to hear it from him, she says that he also told her with his eyes but she was not able to understand them. He asks her for her advice she tells her to call Sameer, Shrishti like it and then hugs Janki also telling her to keep it between them and not tell anyone.


Prithvi is waiting for a girl and when she comes he says that he knew that she will come and also knew that she will be the only one capable of doing something like this and she must do her work with full planning so that Karan will not be able to understand what is happening. He is telling her to go and destroy Karan’s life and make him feel, she says that she will do half the work and the rest will be done by Media as they need stories and Karan’s life will make a fabulous story. He says that he likes her for the confidence and asks her to give him a hug.
Preeta enters the party and is amazed to see the location as it is a heritage hotel, she feels that she Knows no one here and she will love to find someone who she knows, Her interviewer comes and ask her to come with her to meet the head Physio, she goes and he is amazed to see her, he says that he is blessed to have someone so pretty in his team and he knows that she will give her full to the team.
Karan enters with Sameer, a fan takes a Selfie and he sees Preeta in the background but he is not able to find her, she also feels that Karan is in the party and thinks that he might be as it a cricketer’s party.
The doctor asks Preeta top come with him for some food, Karan looks for Preeta thinking that she was here and why is he not able to find her, he leaves to look for her. The doctor asks her to drink but she says that she does not drink, he says that he wants to tell her an important thing and that is that she must not get emotionally attached with any player and this will be harmful for her career, she says that she is engaged and this will not be a problem, she follows him wondering if she said the truth as she never wants to go with the person she is going to marry.
Preeta sees Karan and tries her best to hide from him when he comes looking for her, Karan looks everywhere but is not able to find her, he meets the guy who took the selfie and asks to look at it, he does not see Preeta and wonders why is he thinking of her and he must forget her and move on.
Sameer comes to Karan and asks why he is in tension, he asks him to enjoy the party and leaves, Sameer follows him and asks the reason for taking stress, he says that he saw Preeta in the party but Sameer says that he is only seeing her because he wants to see her as Preeta is not In the Party, Karan ask him to shut up but Sameer says that he is in love with her and that is when he is seeing her, Karan says that he is not in love with anyone and that Sameer must leave him. Sameer leaves and Karan thinks that he is right as preeta would not be in the party, he is overthinking.