17th May Friday Update on Twist of Fate

King thinks if I shall talk to her regarding Abhi. King sees Abhi and asks him not to worry. He says I was worried for you. Abhi says I never thought that she will do this with me. King says I didn’t think that you will say that and tells that I can help you and talk to the lady you love. Pragya comes and asks what they are talking? Abhi says you shall know. Disha comes and calls Pragya. King says if you want then I can help you, you just need to say. Purab takes the mic and congrats Neha and Tarun. He says today’s sangeet will not be traditional and shall be unique. He asks Tarun what is the idea of sangeet? Tarun smiles. Neha whispers something in Purab’s ears. Purab tells that Neha wants both families to war. He tells about Neha and Tarun’s love story and says they will play the game of thug of war. Her says whoever wins will rule always. He asks waiter to bring the rope. Abhi comes to Pragya and tells Disha that he needs to talk to Pragya, as the matter is urgent, he needs to talk alone. Disha goes. Pragya asks if everything is fine. Abhi says lets go from here.

Chachi stops Pragya from going and asks if she is leaving from Sangeet. She takes Pragya with her. Abhi is forced to return to the hall. Disha asks Purab to make them stay separate so that they don’t fight. Purab tells that they will not fight and begins the game. He asks who is coming first. Chachi says we will play first. Pragya says I will not play, but Disha insists. King asks Pragya to come and says it will be fun. Abhi comes and holds the rope from the bride’s side. Mitali asks Tanu to join them. Tarun says our family is short. Chachi says so what. King says guest will join us. Mitali says she will become referee and cheers for Mehra family. They begin pulling the rope.

Abhi and Pragya are infront of each other and looks at each other. Abhi pulls the rope. Pragya falls on him. They have an eye lock. Everyone looks on. Allah Wariyan plays….Purab helps Abhi to get up. King asks Pragya if she is fine? Tanu takes Pragya from there. Pragya says I will not leave you if you hold my hand next time. Tanu says if you do this next time, then I will drag you by your hairs. She blames her for falling on Abhi intentionally. Pragya says she will never do this intentionally. Tanu blames her for going close to her husband and not on her own husband. She asks what is your plan to get close to my husband. Pragya says I don’t want to give you answer and give you importance. She says lets talk about something else and asks about her marriage. Tanu looks on.

Pragya asks what was the reason that you got married to Abhi and says you betrayed him so big that he will never see your face. She says what was his helplessness and says this marriage wouldn’t have happen and says it is last’s wonder of the world. She asks if she blackmailed Abhi. Tanu asks what is the secret of her marriage and asks when did you marry him in which circumstances. She says I have a feeling that your marriage with King is fake. Pragya gets tensed. Tanu says she can see clearly and her silence spoke all. She says it will be interesting to know, but not now as function is going on and she being the bahu need to attend it.

Dadi coming to Abhi and asks if this is sangeet or school function. Abhi says I am getting angry and says why they are playing games. Dasi comes there and says we shall dance. Dadi also says the same. Abhi asks Purab to ask DJ to play some good song and says Dadis wants to dance. DJ plays the song main khawabon ki shahzadi….Dadi and Dasi dance with Purab. Abhi thinks how to talk to Pragya. Tanu thinks Abhi stares pragya always, I can atleast scold Pragya, but if I tell him anything then he will scold me. Abhi thinks to collide with waiter to make juice fall on Pragya so that she go to clean her dress. He collides with waiter and the glass falls on Pragya’s foot. He asks her if she is fine? Pragya says I am fine. King asks shall I take you to room.

Pragya says no and asks everyone to enjoy the sangeet. She says she will clean her dress. Abhi says sorry. Pragya says it is ok. Abhi thinks I hurt her to talk to her and feels her pain. He comes to room and sees Pragya sitting. Pragya closes the first aid box and walks with difficulty. She is about to go, but he holds her hand. He makes her sit on the sofa.

Pragya asks what are you doing? Abhi keeps her foot on his leg and applies the ointment. He asks if she is feeling burning sensation and says it hurts a lot when loved ones gives the pain. Song plays le jaa mujhe saath tere…..Pragya thanks him and is about to go. Abhi asks if she remembers their marriage.Pragya turns to him and says ji. Abhi asks do you remember our marriage day? Pragya says yes, I remember. Abhi asks do you remember the day when we have taken vows, confesses our feelings to each other, the day when we used to take risk for each other, and asks her if she remembers the day when he loved her even after losing his memory. Pragya says I remember everything. Abhi asks then how did you forget the dream which we had seen together. Pragya looks on. Abhi asks if she was angry with him as he forgot her love because of Dadi’s love. He asks why didn’t you tell me for seven years. Pragya asks what? Abhi says that Kiara is my daughter. He gets angry and asks if she was taking revenge on him. He says I kicked you out of house, and my life, so you did this with me. He says Kiara is not alone your daughter, she is mine too. He asks her why she hides from him. He says it was Abhigya made from both of our names, and says it was not only yours. She says you loved me or not? Pragya nods. I always loved you a lot and says I made you as the eight rhythm of music.

He tells that he accepts 7 death in her love, but not betrayal. Pragya tries to speak to him. Abhi says you know that I hate betrayal, then also you betrayed me. He says you kept me away from my daughter, I was unaware of her and Kiara was also unaware of me as his daughter.

Aaliya sees King and waves him hi. King comes to her and says I was missing you. Aaliya says excuse me. King says I thought that I didn’t meet the important member of the family. Aaliya says you would have seen your face and says I try to talk to you nicely, but you argue with me. Aaliya remembers what he said last and asks him to be down to earth. She asks didn’t you tell Pragya about her past? King says I don’t think it is needed. Aaliya holds his hand and asks him to come with her. King says I am someone’s husband and not your boyfriend. Aaliya leaves his hand and says you will cry when I will tell about her past.

Abhi asks what do you think I would have done if known about kiara. He says I would have loved her like her, and says you didn’t think for once to let me know, how can you hide from Kiara about her real father. He says I got chances many times to know the truth, but if my destiny would have been good then you wouldn’t have taken her away from me.

He says I am very unlucky father of this world who can’t regard his daughter as his own. He says when I saw her for the first time, it was like someone completed my dream. I used to think that I have a daughter like Kiara and used to tell the same to Purab. He says I used to ask her to call me fake dad and says I thought to talk to Kiara’s mum to adopt her. Pragya is shocked. He says he was ready to beg her and asks what did you do with me. Pragya looks on.