17th February Sunday Update on Twist of Fate

Purab and Disha talk to each other and is about to romance with each other. Aaliya thinks to go and check Purab’s health. Disha says I will get cloth and thread and falls on him. Le jaye kahan plays…Aaliya comes there’and is angry to see him shirtless. Disha asks if she has some work. Aaliya says it seems he is fine. Purab holds Disha’s hand.

Pragya wishes him happy valentine’s day and runs. Abhi says I will tell you how to wish. He asks her to imagine the cloud and says he will take his valentine on the clouds. He holds her hand. They imagine to be on clouds and dances there. Song plays….Abhi tells Dadi that someone is coming. Siddharth and his film heroine comes there. They take Dadi’s blessings and promotes their film. Pragya asks Disha to go and says Purab is calling her. Disha asks if she gave off to chefs so that she can make food for Abhi. Pragya says she is making food for everyone. Disha teases her and sys let him see that even you are adding love along with masalas. Pragya asks her to go. Disha says all the best. Pragya thinks she will make food for Abhi.

Dasi coming to kitchen to take Dadi’s breakfast. Pragya asks her to go and says she will bring breakfast in 5 mins. She thinks thank god. Purab is going to office. Raj and Dadi ask how is he? Purab says he is fine. Simonika thinks today one of the family member will die, and thinks she has to find some way. She gives file to Purab. Disha asks Purab to come to side and says Pragya made all the food for Abhi specially for him and may be she wants to surprise him and might tell her truth. Simonika hears them and thinks she got chance to kill Abhi and Pragya in kitchen. Pragya thinks of Abhi, Sanam Re Plays…Simonika decides to wait until she goes. Tanu comes and asks her to bring their breakfast. Simonika gets angry.

Pragya says even I dislike her and asks her not

to spoil her health by getting angry. Simonika says I am not great as you. Pragya says this is wrong. She asks Simonika to give them food and says I shall not ask you to do this. Simonika says it’s all right, I can give my life to you. Pragya says she is making special lunch today and don’t want Aaliya and Tanu to come here. Simonika thinks what is special? Pragya says whatever she do for him is special. Simonika says Abhi loves you a lot. She thinks I will give you a special treat and will make this day as last day of your life.
Abhi and Purab are in car and talking. Purab sees Sangram Singh posters and shows to Abhi. Abhi says he got his posters pasted on the walls and says once I come infront of me, I will beat him badly. Purab thanks him for the car. Abhi jokes and asks him not to say thank you or sorry. Purab says I love you bro. Abhi says it will work best with kiss and says love you bro. Purab asks him to drive car.

Tanu tells Aaliya that Pragya gave off to all Servants and says last time she made us do all the work. Aaliya asks her to think herself fool and says she is trying to figure out why Pragya is hiding her truth. Simonika comes there and taunts Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to mess with her and says she will get her kick out of house. Simonika says one shall not threaten others, who has no home and food. Tanu asks her to give food and leave, not to argue. Simonika says I am trying to make you understand, but it is useless. She asks them to have breakfast and thinks what to do with Pragya. Aaliya gets angry. Tanu is upset. Pragya serves food to Dadi. Dadi and Dasi feed her food. Tanu comes to get ketch up, but she goes back as Aaliya calls her.

Simonika comes to kitchen and thinks Pragya made kitchen as hotel. She wants to send love somewhere and says it will not reach there. She says my plan is more special, I will send you up before Abhi. She thinks she will cut the gas pipe and will see her ashes. She hears Disha coming and hides. Disha checks the food and thinks Pragya made yummy food. She thinks to go to Dadi and check. She cuts the wire and says good bye Pragya. She thinks what to do to make gas smell go.