17th February 2019 Sunday Update on Gangaa

Sagar is looking for Ganga. Don’t know where Dadi took her. I hope she is fine. He notices Ganga coming there and gets all concerned. Are you fine? What did Dadi say? She assures him she is fine. Nothing can happen to Ganga till you are with me. They share a hug. Amma ji looks away. A few people notice them thus. Amma ji gets angry. Sagar takes Ganga with him (holding hands). People recognize Sagar and Ganga. What are they doing here like this? Did Sagar fell for that widow? The guy speaks against it. What lesson will it teach to our kids? Amma ji hears it. The news will spread like wild fire. Everyone will look down on us. It cannot happen!

Pulkit meets a fake guy. Ratan is sitting on another table. Pulkit asks him about documents. Will you do legal formalities? The guy asks him if he doubts him. Pulkit wants to do the legal formalities first. He is dubious about the deal. Ratan thinks to intervene as Pulkit is a boy from lawyer family background. He would want to check everything. Ratan greets the guy recognizing him. Pulkit is surprised that Ratan knows Mr. Bhardwaj. Ratan says I am also investing in his company. Their company has gained a name through all the right things. Such chances don’t come every now and then. Go ahead and invest. Pulkit readily agrees. Ratan thinks this is what he wanted. You are going to fall in a big trap by trusting me.

Sudha is shocked. She recalls the childhood incident when Ganga had told her about the vermillion incident. I have been scared of this situation. It happened. Prabha adds fuel in the fire. Madhvi is at a loss to think or understand anything. We brought Ganga up with so much love and trust. This is how she paid me back. I might not be able to trust anyone now. Sagar and Ganga enter just then. Everyone looks at them. Sudha questions Ganga. this is wrong! Sagar stops her. Don’t say anything to Ganga. This is our joint decision. Amma ji says you announced your decision. Now listen to mine – till the time I am alive I wont let this happen! Our name and respect will be gone. People will not spare us if they find out you married a widow. Our scriptures don’t allow such relations. He says I do respect religion and trust God. I don’t accept Your scriptures if they say a widow cannot start her life again. Amma ji says you have grown up so much that you will teach me about religion. Amma ji asks Sudha to pour water on her till she dies. My grandson committed such a big sin. I have to do repentance. Prabha requests her to forgive the kids. Madhvi asks Ganga if she will feel at peace after ending everything. Leave the house! Ganga says where I will go without Sagar. Sudha too tells her to go. Sagar denies. we both love each other. This relation is not of alms. We have gone so much ahead that we cannot go back. Sudha tells him to think about his family. Amma ji says this wouldn’t have happened if he had done so. Do what I told you to do. Everyone tells her not to do so. Ganga tries to stop Amma ji but Sagar stops her. We feel weak seeing her thus but if we fall weak today then we will lose. Amma ji continues to pour water on her. Ganga is pained to see her thus. Sagar takes her with him as they both cannot see Amma ji thus. Madhvi tells Amma ji she is worrying for the wrong person. Your grandson did not care about you. Madhvi calls Niru. Take the first flight and come home. I cannot tell you anything. Amma ji keeps pouring water on herself.

Ganga tells Sagar to talk to Amma ji to make her understand. She will fall ill. She takes every little thing to her heart. This is too big. He assures her nothing will go wrong. He makes her sit. You think I wont feel bad to see Dadi in pain? I love her a lot. Ganga cannot see amma ji in pain too. She will fall ill. He too knows it but is helpless. You also knew this wont be easy. Dadi treats you as a widow since childhood and have been teaching you rules. The same Dadi will obviously have problem with our relation. I was going to get married. What should I do? She says Amma ji always thought of me to be a widow but bahu ji loved me like a daughter. He too felt that ways but mummy spoke so badly to you. it wouldn’t have been if she thought of you to be her daughter. We will have to be strong on every decision and every step. Dadi will try to emotionally blackmail us to break our relation. We wont let this happen. I know it will be tough as they are our own people. Don’t think about anyone else right now. Will you stand strong with me to save our relation? You cannot get scared and back off. I know Dadi. She calms down too. Everyone would make her understand. She hopes he is right. Till when will we fight with our own people? He wants to wait till Niru is back. Papa only gave me courage to be with you. He will be really happy. She agrees. Only Babu can understand our love. He too is sure of the same. Hope he comes soon. They share a hug.

Everyone fails in stopping Amma ji. Prabha talks of what can happen. Everyone is highly concerned for Amma ji. Amma ji wants to make up for Sagar’s mistake. Niru comes just then. Madhvi requests him to stop Amma ji. Niru wants to know what has happened. Madhvi shares that Sagar filled vermilion in Ganga’s head. They are not listening to anyone. Sagar wants to marry Ganga. Do something before everything is finished. Explain to your son before something happens to Amma ji. Amma ji loses conscious. Everyone takes her to her room.

It is night. Doc gives injection to Amma ji. You shouldn’t have taken bath with cold water in this age and weather. Be extra careful. Amma ji is all quiet. Niru thinks of Madhvi’s words. Pulkit tells them about Sagar and Ganga coming back. Amma ji sits up.