17th April Wednesday Update on This is Fate

Sarla is scolding Bi Je when Shristri comes with tea, Preeta enters saying that she got the job, Sarla and everyone is amazed to hear that, they ask her about the job at which she says that she got It in ICB and it is the cricket board of India, she got it in T20 matches as players who get injured o the field have to get treatment, thy all are celebrating when Prithvi comes from behind and also congralutes her, saying that she has taken the right decision to not go back to the Luthra’s and he feels blessed to have been engaged with her as she is a lot talented then both of them. he asks her out on a date but she says that she would not be able to go a she has to go to a function with her senior, Shrishti also ask to come but she stops her saying that she also does not have an invite and will go with a senior, Prithvi ask for their leave thinking that now Preeta will not interfere in the Luthra’s affair and will stay away from Karan.

Karan is talking on the phone and enters the kitchen, he is talking with a Doctor explaining to him that he will bring the girl to his clinic and he must help him, the doctor is adamant saying that he will do everything to help him and they will also get to talk. Karan says that he will bring her and he must do all that he can. He is filling a cup with oil when his sister comes and sees him, when she is about to talk he leaves the Kitchen.

Sameer comes and Kartika are both in the kitchen when she is confused, he asks her to which she says that she saw Karan filling a coffee cup with oil, Sameer tease her saying that she is a dumb person and he does not listen to her.

Karan takes the cup and thinks that what he can do to make Sherlin get hurt.

Rakhi asks Karan to eat something but he says that he is fine, they plan to invite all of their family members to the functions of marriage, Sameer spies on Karan and sees that he is planning to stop Sherlin, Karan throws a ball at her and she gets scared, they all scold Karan and ask him to go outside to play, Karan asks her to forgive him and he will go to play in his room, Sherlin thinks that he always tries to harm her but his plan failed, she tries to throw a ball at him but he stops her and when she goes to hand him the ball she falls down and gets hurt. They all go to help her, she says that he did this on purpose, he says that he never wanted to do this, she goes to check the cup but Sameer understands the plans and helps Karan.
She tries to check but they stop her, Karan asks her to

come with him and they will go to the hospital, she refuses but agrees at his pressure, they leave, Rakhi and Karina comfort Sanjana saying that Karan will take care of her.
Karan and Sherlin are with the doctor who is asking to give her a shot but she is not comforted, they all pressurize her and when the work is done the doctor says that she got scared and he instead of giving her a shot drew her blood. Sherlin hears them and thinks wants he can do to prevent the tests, she calls the doctor and purposefully drops the vile, they all gets shocked and ask her to give the blood but she asks him to not worry about her, she leaves without listening to what he has to say.
Karan follows her but she leaves and after that the doctor says that he must get her blood, Karan says that both Prithvi and Sherlin are very intelligent and will not make the mistake again.


Prithvi asks Sherlin if she heard him right and she says that she was confident, he gets angry saying that he thought that after the incident with the Doctor he will stop but he is coming back again and he must be stopped, She asks him to not do anything that will land them in Jail, he says that he also thought the same but he will make sure that Karan goes to Jail, Sherlin gets worried and asks him what he has in mind, Prithvi says that he will; not tell her and she must sit back and watch what happens with Karan, he says to her that he has to go to find some information regarding Karan. She thinks that he forgot to ask him about the reaction the Auroras had when he broke his engagement, she also thinks that what if he didn’t break his relation with them. Prithvi thinks that this will; result in Karan getting away from Preeta and then he will also not be able to make any plans against them.
Preeta is getting ready, Shristri comes and says that why is she not taking her to parties, Preeta says that she knows how much she loves parties but she is herself not invited and so how can she take her, Preeta turns and starts to scold Shristri about her irresponsibility, thinking that she only made things worse for her, she then thinks of the time when she had a fight with Karan regarding his fame, and how when he said that when she will stop talking with him then he will give food and how she said that she will be happy to not see his face but that is not true and she is feeling depresses, Shristri come sand ask Preeta if she was thinking about Karan. Preeta ask her the reason she think this but Shristri says that she knows this for a fact and can see it on her face, Preeta says that she was not thinking about her but regarding the part, Shrishti says that she is her sister and not dumb.