16th Saturday Update on This is Fate

Preeta and Rishab come outside together. Rakhi complements Rishab as he wore conventional jeans. Karan comes out in a changed dress. Preeta makes fun of him. Karan announces he will drive the car and goes outside. After Rakhi had also left, Sarla laughs over Karan’s attitude. Shrishti turns to leave annoyed with Sarla. Preeta asks them the reason, but both leave into their respective rooms. Janki and Dadi say Shrishti fought with Sarla and blamed her for Preeta’s arrest. Sarla slapped Shrishti in return. Preeta thinks she will have to plan something now.
Later, Dadi comes to Preeta saying time is slipping their hands. Both don’t like the tension at home. Janki says she thought Preeta is a doctor and must have a huge mind. Dadi and Janki mention about the plan of spilling oil to make Sarla fell off. Preeta was furious and says Sarla isn’t of Shrishti’s age. She at once gets an idea to give Shrishti a little jerk. She asks Janki if Shrishti and Sarla are aware that the switch isn’t working and giving sparks. Janki replies with a no. Preeta says they must all get into the room and Sarla would only be left to help Shrishti here. Shrishti calls Preeta into the room and shows her some designs on her laptop. Preeta calls it nice. Preeta looks towards her phone and tells Shrishti to go and charge it now, she will have to plug her later.
Karan drove hurriedly. Rishab asks why he is in a hurry. Karan smiles that there is fun in driving fast. Rishab calls Prithvi and thanks him for getting the CCTV footage at the right place. It was a great support to release Karan and Preeta. He offers his help to Prithvi anytime and appreciates his efforts. Karan thinks that Prithvi isn’t worth Rishab’s gratefulness. Prithvi tells Rishab that he is engaged to Preeta, it’s his responsibility to save her. Prithvi throws the phone down determined to destroy Rishab as he hates him. Karan thinks Prithvi is lying, he has a girlfriend and didn’t do anything for Preeta.

Preeta looks towards her phone and tells Shrishti to go and plug her phone on charger. Shrishti says she is busy with work. Preeta taunts that Shrishti is now a well-known interior designer now and won’t help her. As Shrishti was going out she asks Preeta why she behaves so strange, didn’t she have a lot to do? Preeta says she will do it herself now, but Shrishti leaves with the phone. Janki was looking after the bills. Janki tells Sarla that the electricity board is giving shocks; she called the electrician and has now informed everyone. She and Dadi leave the hall. Shrishti was about to plug in the charger. Sarla stops her saying it would give her a jerk. Shrishti asks if Sarla is guilty and upset of her behavior, she is sure Sarla is looking for chances to speak to her. She goes to prove

herself true. Sarla follows but Shrishti forces the plug inside and screams of a jerk. She cries while Sarla rubs her hands and continue scolding her. Preeta says she will only cry. Shrishti complains to Sarla for scolding her even now, and won’t hug her now. Sarla gets emotional and hugs Shrishti assuring she will be fine. Shrishti looks towards Sarla and cries that no one loves her in the house. Sarla gives her a tight hug. Shrishti asks why Sarla doesn’t apologize. Sarla finally says a sorry to make her mood up, and even hold her ears for Shrishti. Shrishti now holds her ear to Sarla. Preeta, Dadi and Janki cheer, Janki slips while giving a thumbs up. Sarla was furious that they had been watching this all. Janki smiles that they looked really cute while fighting together. Dadi says it was Preeta’s idea.
At Luthra House, Sherlin’s mother asks why is she getting so restless to marry Rishab? Sherlin clarifies to her mother that she isn’t desperate about marriage, it’s only her wish for her to get ready. Her mother says it’s not possible, else Sherlin must have tied a relation with Prithvi. Rakhi and Kareena come to meet her. Sanjana congratulates them for Karan’s release. Rakhi says it’s only because of Preeta. Sherlin mentions about Prithvi as well, she heard in news about his help. Dadi qualifies that Preeta’s contribution is incomparable. Sanjana suggests about holding the wedding functions in a day. Kareena says she will get new dates from Pandit. Rakhi says the preparations might get hectic. Sanjana says she thought about a celebration for Karan’s release from jail. Rakhi gets excited about Lori function and fix a party in the evening. Rakhi calls Sarla inviting her for the Lori function and tells them to bring their son in law as well. Sanjana was worried that Prithvi will also be there.
Sarla calls everyone outside to hurry up. Janki comes there ready. Sarla smiles watching Shrishti dressed up in Punjabi dress and was left watching her. Shrishti asks Janki which heroine does she resemble, but the ladies don’t recall the name. Sarla now sends Shrishti to bring Preeta.
Shrishti comes to the room and complements that Preeta looks really hot, who she wants to mesmerize; Karan or Rishab? Preeta tells her to stop it, else there would be a huge problem. Shrishti says Kareena only can’t see that its Luthra boys behind her. Preeta asks why Shrishti is so backward that a girl and boy can’t be friends. Shrishti relates Preeta and Karan’s story with a film story. Preeta also teases Shrishti by agreeing to her then mocks Shrishti that she already had her roka with Prithvi. Shrishti says when Preeta will fell for Karan she will come to her for help. Preeta says she had a roka with Prithvi and will marry her.

Sarla complements Bee ji as she comes out ready. Prithvi rings the door bell, it was Janki who opens the door. Prithvi was nervous watching Janki and greets Sarla. Sarla sends him to get Preeta from room by himself. Janki thinks she wonders why this man is always afraid to see her.
In the room, Shrishti tells Preeta what happened to her judgment. Prithvi and Sherlin suit each other well, and Karan is perfect for Preeta. Karan is always there to help her. Preeta qualifies Prithvi also comes to help, but Shrishti says he is always late. Prithvi had reached at the door. Preeta says they were discussing about them. Prithvi says he heard what Shrishti said, he saves her at the right time. He says Karan has a huge share in saving her, he got the footage with much difficulty but the else was Karan

and Pragya’s effort. Shrishti and Preeta were impressed by Prithvi and leave. Prithvi smirks thinking he won’t let Shrishti’s dreams come true.
Kareena comes out ready in Punjabi attire. Sherlin complements her personality to carry everything. Kareena discuss with Sherlin that they have a class, but unluckily have to meet people like Preeta and Sherlin. Sherlin smiles as Prithvi arrives with Preeta. Kareena scolds her, but Sherlin says it wasn’t by heart.
Dadi scolds Preeta to stop right there. She tells Preeta that she is a doctor, then why she didn’t hold her insult as a disgrace to herself. Why she again came to their house? Preeta says even her own grandmother have treated her the way she did. Dadi loves Karan a lot, and it was her own mistake. Dadi apologizes Preeta as she shouldn’t have behaved so badly to her. They hug each other. Sherlin was curt that these Luthra’s wish to do pooja of Preeta. Rakhi brings Aarti thaal for Preeta, as they owe her a lot for her sacrifice; and that Preeta holds a place greater than any daughter, or daughter in law of the house. Sherlin comes to take Rakhi to welcome the guests. Dadi says they have insulted Preeta in ways she didn’t deserve; they must apologize Preeta and Sherlin must also. Prithvi nods at Sherlin, she finally says sorry. Shrishti asks her to speak a little louder. Sherlin repeats loudly. Preeta says its ok. Sherlin thinks there was no honesty in this apology, and will continue hurting her. Preeta thinks Sherlin must have said this by heart.