16th April Tuesday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World

The inspector sends his subordinate for finger prints. Tannu was worried about her finger prints all around. The inspector tells Tannu they must wait for finger prints, he may begin questioning with her later.
Pragya comes to Kiara’s room and packs her bag for school. Kiara kiss Pragya’s cheek, she asks her not to worry at all, take her food in time and take her medicines timely as well. Pragya cries. Kiara wipes her tears saying being bossy suits Pragya. Pragya takes Kiara’s promise that she will not discuss with police about this murder anymore. King comes there and asks Pragya why?
At Mehra house, a police inspector finds a similarity between Aaliya and Murder film actress. Meanwhile another inspector brings the cut rope of the chandelier. The officer takes Tannu inside for investigation. Abhi was suspicious of Tannu.
In the room the inspector asks if Tannu understands her husband has feelings for Pragya. Tannu denies but the inspector insists there is such a bond. Tannu insists that her husband only respect every girl. The inspector asks Tannu who was responsible for the accident? She replies it’s possible no one is planning to kill Pragya. The inspector suggests may be someone was so angry watching Pragya that he attempted to kill Pragya. The inspector suggests Tannu to wear some lens, he can see the crime in a culprit’s eyes and had already spotted the fear in Tannu’s eyes.
King asks Pragya why she doesn’t want her to discuss the accident with anyone. Kiara hugs King and was relieved that he is here, now she can leave for school. After Kiara has left, King complains that everyone hides things from him. Initially Mehra family and now Pragya as well. Pragya denies hiding anything from him. King tells Pragya that John has been killed, he knew someone tried to break the chandelier. He questions why Pragya is hiding the reality? Pragya insists she wants to hide from the world that Kiara is her daughter, else the world would snatch Kiara from her. King assures absolutely not! He will protect her and Kiara. Pragya feared that Kiara is a child, her enemy may also try and harm Kiara. She is her world, she can’t let Kiara go away from her for any reason. King says Kiara and Pragya are world to each other, but both are his world. He doesn’t want bad eye over their world.

Pragya laughs that this dialogue was quite heavy. King says his feelings for her got heavier for a past few days. He attempts to speak a few other Hindi phrases. Pragya laughs.

Tanu says to the inspector that he must not suspect her, she says that she has always said the truth, she then says that she has a lot of money and will have him transferred, another police man arrives with a vase, Tanu gets scared seeing it and they say that they will come back as they have got an evidence and will prove who is guilty.
They thank Abhi, he says that they know that they are doing their duty and they will help them in any and all matters regarding Pragya, he says this Pragya and they leave, he thinks of weather has said, Disha also makes him remember he turns away and leaves.
Tanu is thinking of what will happen with her if Abhi comes to know of her and what she did and then none will be able to save her from him, she sees him coming and hides behind the curtain, she fears

him and he is coming straight towards her but then leaves without noticing, she feels blessed as otherwise she would have gotten in a lot of trouble.

Disha and Purab are discoing of what Abhi said in front of the police regarding Pragya and now they will be able to find about Kiara and her relation with Abhi, they both get excited and think for sure to make Abhi and Pragya meet once again as they both still love each other.
Abhi is I his room and thinking of what happened with Pragya in their house as she was their guest, he then thinks of what King said to him regarding that there is a person wo was in their house who wanted to kill Pragya and when the waiter wanted to tell him, he was killed and they must find out the person behind it. He goes to find robin but he is not there and there is someone ne else who is dressing when he asks he says that Robin sent him and he left with some important work. Abhi walks out and tries to call hi but he does not answer after that Abhi thinks of going to meet Pragya.
Abhi is walking towards the door when Aaliya stops him and they both start to have an argument about him meeting with Pragya and once her giving her space in his life, she says that whenever Pragya came to his life he was robbed of everything that he had and only when he married Tanu did he gain success, Abhi disagrees and says that he was the best only with Pragya and none else, they still argue,

Abhi gets frustrated and eaves saying that he is late for his concert, Aaliya thanks god for changing his mind as otherwise she would land in jail.

Abhi reaches the concert and rocks the stage with his performance and the crowd is cheering him and everyone is going mad for him. He still thinks of the moments spent with Pragya and then he starts singing, after that everyone losses their mind and are completely lost in his song, he then gets a wonderful cheer from the crowd when his song ends leaving with a lot of cheer.
Mitale is thinking of how did the jhomer fall, her mother says that it was cut on purpose, she says that she will find out of who did it as she thinks that someone is behind it, she says that she thinks that there are two people behind it as to make it fall on Pragya they had to wait for her to get under it so that they could cut it, Aaliya comes from behind and gets worried hearing what they both are saying.

Mitali says that she feels that there must have been two people involved in this plan as one would be cutting the rope and the other must have been telling the first person of Pragya’s whereabouts, she then speculates that there must have been three people as the third one was either keeping an eye as to who was coming up or that person was spying on the other two, Aaliya I left stunned at some distance and says that why is Mitali seeing her like this, she says that she really wants a coffee and Mitali must bring it to her quickly.

Abhi is driving and thinks of what king said to him that Pragya likes his songs, he remembers all the moments spent with her, he gets tensed while remembering them, he then wonders of when he asked here why she did not have any photo her room, she said that the

room belongs to King and she will keep it the way he likes it.
He then prays to god that he promised that he will never meet Pragya but he cannot keep that promise and he must meet her, that is the only way he can protect her and so he must go to meet her as he wants to find the person who is trying to kill Pragya.
Nikhil opens the door and is amazed to see Tanu, he asks her to come in saying that she must have come to reward him for his work, she comes and slaps him, he gets angry saying that if he hits her then she will die, Tanu says that it is easy to kill someone but very hard to keep it hidden, she says that someone saw him kill John, she starts to yell but he says that she is joking, she says that she is not and there e is an eye witness to his murder, she says that she wanted him to erase the witness but he left the police on her trail.
Nikhil turns away and starts to talk to himself saying that she is the biggest mistake of his life and he must not have listened to her, she gets frustrated and asks him to turn back, he turns saying that whenever he tries to move forward she comes to pull him back and this is what she did, he opened his own business and everything was going well but when she came then again his life is going to be hell, he then turns after which Tanu starts top say that he is the one who is cursed and not her, she must niot have called him at first as he is very bad and her mistake, he gets angry and turning asks her to leave his house, he doesnot listen to what she has to say and throws her out of his house.
Pragya is dressing Kiara for her friend’s birthday party, she does everything that Kiara needs and also makes cookies from her, she then asks Pragya to make her a coffee as her coffee makes her mind fresh, she thinks that this was what Abhi always wanted and she is just like her father, she hugs her very tightly as she missed Abhi, Kiara gets worried and then starts to tease her, she again demands but Pragya denies saying that she is very young but when she demands Pragya also agrees saying that she will make it for her at night.
Kiara is running and sits in the car, Abhi also arrives thinking if it is the house, Kiara asks the driver to help her take out the bag and they both step out, and he also comes out and goes into the house without noticing her, Kiara runs back saying that she forget her mobile but then remembers that she has it. Abhi is standing when he feels that there is someone behind hi who is his own, Pragya is in the kitchen making something when the bell rings she thinks that it is Kiara but does not know that it is Abhi and starts to scold her saying that she knows that it is her daily routine as she forgets something and then comes back but this time she will not open the door and she will not listen to anything she says, Abhi gets depressed as he thinks that she only talked like this with him and now she even shared it with someone else.Abhi tells Pragya that it is him who is at the door and she must have looked before talking, he says that she must not have said anything, he asks if she will open the door or he must apologize, she asks if he had some work but he says that he will come back, she opens the door.