16th April Tuesday Update on This is Fate

Preeta says that she will no0t come back and will find a new job, he says that he will recommend her but she stops him, saying that she will do it by he own, she gets called in, before leaving she wishes Karan luck for his matches and he also wishes her luck.
Preeta is sitting inside the office when the women taking he interview says that she found her resume in the logs of their house, she says that she sent it when she first came to Bombay as she was also looking for a job the, the women says that she was not able to get a job the as she had little experience but she s overly qualified, Preeta thinks of what she had heard her mother say to her brother regarding the financial problems, she thinks that she might be able to make some money that will help her family in the household affairs, she says that she will take the job no matter what.

Karan is very depressed and hitting the bag, he picks up a ball and thinks of what he did with Preeta and how she said that she will not come back to their house, he starts to blame himself about his overconfidence and how she would have taken down Sherlin very easily, he also said lies and that is the reason that he lost, he say that he is the one who lied and now Preeta is paying the price, He thinks that Sherlin and Prithvi will succeed in their mission, he is adamant that both of them are involved in this and he will not forgive them both. He is adamant to bring back Preeta to their house with all her respect.

Prithvi is standing at Sarla house and ringing the bell, Shristri comes and ask the reason for ringing the bell, he says that Sherlin is right to say to him to break the relation, Shrishti asks him the reason from getting quiet he says that he came to break his engagement, she says that he must keep to his word, he says that he will do it after she tells him the reason of hating him, she says that she feels that he is a dishonest person, he encourages her honesty saying that now he will break the bond, Sarla comes and ask him as to how did he came, she says that be came to break his engagement, Sarla get shocked but he very cleverly handles the situation and puts the blame on Shristri that she does not like him and he will try his beast to prove to Shrishti that he is a god person. Sarla ask him as to how did e get hurt, he says that he got injured after falling because of rain, she asks him to be carefull,Prithvi ask about Preeta, saying that he will himself go and collect her, she stops him saying that Preeta left their job, he asks her the reason and she tells him everything, Prithvi acts as if he is in disbelief, he starts to question everyone targeting Karan and Rishab as they always said ha they were friends of Preeta but when she was being blames both of them did nothing, he then says that Karan used to say such big things but he never said anything at which Sarla says that they teach their children to not speak in between elders, he says that he knows this but he also knows that Rishab is big among them and he should have said something.

Prithvi says that they both tried to break their engagement saying that he had a relation with Tapse saying that she is their family member and friend and what happened to that friend ship, he says that this is not done and he really feels bad, he apologizes if he has something wrong, Shrishti says that he has something wrong as he is trying to push her mother to fight. Sarla asks her to go and prepare tea, she says that she does not know how to but then leaves, she thinks that it would have been good if instead of Luthra’s his engagement was broken.


Dadi comes asking for the postman when she greets him and when they ask him to sit down he says that he has to use the bathroom and goes to Preeta room, he smells her cloths the thinking that he thought that she was a hurdle in his plans but

now he realiz3ed that he loves her, he also loves Sherlin who is very smart, intelligent and very clever unlike her who is disciplined and cares for the elders. He says that she gave a tough time to Sherlin and they both are in a tie, he then talks with her photo saying that he will also keep her like a princess and will treat her just fine but he cannot leave Sherlin.

Karina asks Sanjana to come and they all sit together, Pandit jee also comes and when Rakhi comes Sanjana asks her the reason she is not smiling, Rakhi says that she is quiet as the one who it was meant for I not with them so she is quiet, Karina asks her to prepare some snacks when Rishab also comes and greets them, he asks the reason thy ae in such a hurry to get him married, Karina and Sanjana says that things of happiness should not be postponed and they must get them married. Karan come from behind, Sherlin thinks that now Karan must prepare for her enter into the house as nothing can stop her not even Preeta, Karan asks her the reason for being so happy, Karina says that she will be happy one that there is nothing to worry about, Sanjana also agrees adding that n9ow there are some people who are away from their house, Rishab asks in anger, Sherlin handles the situation saying that she meant to say that now their marriage will be arranged early and everything will be okay, Karan says that he thinks otherwise and does not feel the same.

Sanjana then says that she was talking of Preeta and family as they had been involved in a lot of their problems and it doesn’t feel right to be so involved in someone else’s problems, Rishab gets angry and is about to leave when saying that he has some important work, Karina tries to stop him saying that his first priority must be Sherlin, Rakhi helps him saying that he will come back as soon as the work is over, He leaves.