14th February 2019 Thursday Update on This is Fate


Shrishti tells Kareena that her sister no more needs to prove anything to them. She has proven herself by her actions. When Shrishti feels light, she hands Kareena a file of bills. She has made half of the payments from her own pocket or from company’s pocket. If Kareena signs these bills only then they will make the payments. Kareena glances over the file and tells Shrishti that this payment is higher than market rates. Shrishti tells Kareena that she Kratika’s mehndi and haldi outfits are indebted; otherwise they will have to return them. Shrishti leaves. Kareena thinks Shrishti won’t hurt Kratika and only wants to revenge her.

Rakhi had come to meet Sarla as she was grateful for Preeta’s gesture to get arrested and save Karan’s reputation. Karan asks Sarla if she apologized

Preeta as she had been furious over her. Sarla says there is no sorry in a mother-daughter relationship. Everything a mother does is for daughter’s benefit, and if Karan isn’t careful she can even scold him. She pulls his ear. Rakhi laughs that Karan has two mothers now. Janki wonders why they can’t see one is mother and the other, a mother in law. Sarla was thankful to Rakhi for coming over by herself. Karan goes to kitchen to meet Preeta.
Preeta was struggling to get the box of flour from over the shelf. Karan offers his help but the flour spills over him. Preeta laughs over his condition. Karan was irritated and tells her to shut up and deters to hug her otherwise. He was concerned for his ruined hairstyle. Preeta mocks his hairstyle being a good bed for flags and laughs. Karan spills the left over flour box over Preeta and laughs over her. Preeta was furious and shouts at Karan for his misbehavior. Preeta had a cough, Karan offers her to have some water and instead hold the jar of oil. Preeta wrestles to stop him spill the oil as well. Rishab comes there, shocked to see the two. He says he couldn’t even imagine Preeta can behave so insensibly. Preeta explains herself. Rishab tries to take Karan away but instead slips over the oil. Sarla comes to the kitchen and was shocked to see them; she then breaks into laughter and takes Karan and Rishab to wear Abhi’s dresses left over here.

Shrishti was upset about asking the dresses from Kratika. She feels upset about Kratika, and notices Kareena was chasing her. She comes to Kratika’s room who was excited to meet Shrishti. Shrishti asks Kratika not to mind but she needs to check Kratika’s dresses. The tailor of the designer also changed, they need to show all the dresses to him as well. Kratika goes to bring the dresses. Kareena had reached the door. Shrishti tells Kratika that it appears Kareena doesn’t want to invest much in her dresses. Kareena comes in and hands Shrishti the file of signed bills. She tells Shrishti that Kratika is her daughter, and will get whatever she chooses for herself. Kratika explains to Kareena that Shrishti only wanted to show the dresses to her tailor. When Kareena leaves, Shrishti thanks Kratika for all the help and explains she had to lie to Kareena to get the bills signed.

Everyone was shocked to see Karan, Rishab and Preeta come out of the kitchen, bathed in flour. The ladies laugh at them.

Prithvi comes to Sherlin’s house, furious. Sherlin tries to calm him down. Prithvi says they only won because Prithvi let them. Preeta’s family is celebrating there, but it’s for the last time. He will finish their story soon. Sherlin assures she stands with him.

Prithvi tells Sherlin this time they will use her mom in their plan. Sherlin was sure that her mom hates Prithvi and won’t be ready to help him. Prithvi says she must not get an idea that they are using her.
Karan had covered himself with a towel and calls Abhi outside. Preeta comes to the room asking about the towel but Karan had covered himself with it and says he feels cold. Preeta tries to snatch the towel while Karan resists. Rishab comes out with torn jeans. Karan makes fun of him, but Preeta stops Rishab and complements that Rishab looks nice not funny. He looks less serious and smarter in this dress. Karan climbs up the couch dropping the towel, revealing a loose shirt and shorts. Preeta bursts into laughter. Shrishti also come in. Both laugh at Karan who forbids them make fun of

him. He blames that Preeta herself gave him these clothes. Preeta replies that Karan selected these himself. Karan blames if Abhi is a child. Shrishti qualifies Abhi wore it on children’s birthday. Preeta laughs loudly taking the towel away. Karan snatches the towel and drags Preeta closer as well. They share an eye lock. Rishab felt disturbed. Shrishti thinks if the two of them are really crazy about his sister. Preeta parts from Karan calling him clumsy. They continue arguing. Rishab was on Preeta’s side as Karan is actually clumsy; he even hit him in the morning. Shrishti takes Karan’s side. Rishab asks why she is pointlessly favoring Karan. Shrishti points that he is also favoring Preeta in spite of her mistake. They head outside while Shrishti gets Karan some new clothes.
Preeta and Rishab come outside together. Rakhi complements Rishab as he wore conventional jeans. Karan comes out in a changed dress. Preeta makes fun of him. Karan announces he will drive the car and goes outside. After Rakhi had also left, Sarla laughs over Karan’s attitude. Shrishti turns to leave annoyed with Sarla. Preeta asks them the reason, but both leave into their respective rooms. Janki and Dadi say Shrishti fought with Sarla and blamed her for Preeta’s arrest. Sarla slapped Shrishti in return. Preeta thinks she will have to plan something now.
Later, Dadi comes to Preeta saying time is slipping their hands. Both don’t like the tension at home. Janki says she thought Preeta is a doctor and must have a huge mind. Dadi and Janki mention about the plan of spilling oil to make Sarla fell off. Preeta was furious and says Sarla isn’t of Shrishti’s age. She at once gets an idea to give Shrishti a little jerk. She asks Janki if Shrishti and Sarla are aware that the switch isn’t working and giving sparks. Janki replies with a no. Preeta says they must all get into the room and Sarla would only be left to help Shrishti here. Shrishti calls Preeta into the room and shows her some designs on her laptop. Preeta calls it nice. Preeta looks towards her phone and tells Shrishti to go and charge it now, she will have to plug her later.
Karan drove hurriedly. Rishab asks why he is in a hurry. Karan smiles that there is fun in driving fast. Rishab calls Prithvi and thanks him for getting the CCTV footage at the right place. It was a great support to release Karan and Preeta.

He offers his help to Prithvi anytime and appreciates his efforts. Karan thinks that Prithvi isn’t worth Rishab’s gratefulness. Prithvi tells Rishab that he is engaged to Preeta, it’s his responsibility to save her. Prithvi throws the phone down determined to destroy Rishab as he hates him. Karan thinks Prithvi is lying, he has a girlfriend and didn’t do anything for Preeta.