13th April Saturday Update on This is Fate

Preeta asks Prithvi if she can go with Rishab and Karan and he agrees. After they leave Prithvi thinks about what he has to do after going inside as the Doctor will recognize him at first sight, he feels frustrated.
Sameer comes and Mahesh looks at him, He asks doctor Semma how she is feeling and says that he was drugged, everyone looks at him with amazement and do not believe him but he is adamant that he was drugged with something and the person broke Sanju out. When they are talking Rishab and everyone come and ask about what she has to say and when she is just about to say anything, she sees Prithvi, Rakhi also looks at him and then they all go and asks him about his injuries and tend to his wound.

Prithvi signals the doctor to not tell the truth in the amidst everyone is occupied with tending to his wounds, Karan asks if he is okay now and asks the doctor about the person who tried to hurt her and was the father of Sherlin’s child, the police walk in and asks the reason that they were called for and who called them. Mahesh says that he called them because Doctor Semma wanted to report something, Rishab says that she was being targeted and was not safe and there was a murder attempt on her life, Preeta asks doctor to not be afraid and tell the truth as the Police is also here, Prithvi is worried and when Karan sys to the police that he will explain and starts to say everything from the beginning when Sherlin was engaged to his brother and how they met Doctor Semma to when she tried to hide her pregnancy from all of their family. He then says that she is a very clever girl and does not deserve to be a part of their family.

Police asks Karan if he wants that they should arrest Sherlin, they ask he and she agrees but then the phone rings and it is from her house, she receives it and hearing it gets worried, Rakhi thinks that Rishab must feel bad as he only agreed to marry Sherlin and now he has been deceived. The doctor puts the phone down and everyone starts to ask question if she knows the truth regarding Sherlin, they all; force her and so she says that Sherlin came to meet her and had a sits near her uterus and so wanted to consult a Gynecologist, she says that she gave her some medicines and it will make her okay. Preeta and Karan force her to say the truth but the doctor is adamant t and says that they cannot force her to say the truth and what they are saying is a lie, hearing this all of them get

amazed, Karina start to say that this is because of Preeta as she is a very clever gir, Karan sys that Preeta is telling the truth and she is right, Police ask him to be quiet and let the Doctor say the truth, Karan says that she is telling the truth and the Doctor is lying, Police ask him to be quiet, Rishab jumps in and says that they both are right and will never say anything wrong regarding him and he knows that.

Karina asks Rishab what he thinks of Sherlin and even he doubts her character, he says that he doesn’t know what to think but only knows that both Karan and Preeta are not lying, She ask him what he thinks of Sherlin and does he love her, he gets angry and says that he knows nothing and will not say it at this moment, Prithvi steps in and blames Karan as how can he say anything regarding Sherlin as she is a very good and honest girl, he then turns towards Preeta asking how can she think of a girl like this as she himself is in an engagement, Karan and him both starts to have a heated argument, Karan asks him the reason he is taking sides of Sherlin to which he says that he is only doing because he is a gentleman and any other person like him would do it, Rishab asks him if he feels that he is a gentleman and he asks if Rishab thinks otherwise. Karan yells at him and brings a photo of Sherlin and him, he gets amazed after which he says that she was about to fall and he saved her, there is nothing between them, Karan gets angry, Police stop them saying that they must not fight as they have to find the culprit.


The Doctor ask Police to ask anyone from the Luthra’s as they all know and can he ask them, Police says that they must ask only her as it is the procedure and she must come with them, Prithvi comes and ask the police of he can have a word with her, Police ask the Doctor and she says that he can as she has no problem, he ask for forgiveness on behalf of Preeta ibn front of the police and when they are alone h says to her to says there same as she said I the house otherwise she would have to face something very bad, Doctor begs for mercy and then leaves.

Karina is very angry and says that they never listen and now because of her Police came to their house for the first time and it was all because of Preeta, Karan says that they are telling the truth and the doctor is lying, Karina tells him to be quiet and only speak if he thinks that she is lying or saying something wrong, Karan steps back and Rishab is standing in an angrily mood. She says that they doctor told them that Preeta never wanted Sherlin to marry Rishab as she likes him for herself and it was also proven when on the day Sherlin was ill the doctor said that Sherlin only has a case of acidity and she was adamant the Sherlin is pregnant. She always ignored it but now thing have gotten over their head, she turns towards Preeta saying that she always thought that she belongs to a middle class family and she knows that humans want the things that they do not have and so she wants to marry Rishab as he is rich. Preeta gets stunned hearing this, Rishab asks her to be quiet as he knows that she is a good girl and is not greedy and he knows this because when they came to Mumbai, she had nothing and when he put a lot of money on her hand she gave him the money back because she saw a child who was hungry and a person who cares for other people are not Greedy, he says this in a very adamant voice.