12th May Sunday Update on Twist of Fate

Abhi prays to God in the temple and says someone said that you help those who are in much need, and asks how she can bear surgery and treatment as she is young. He asks her to save Kiara and give him happiness. He pleads infront of God. Pragya thinks she did a mistake by hiding the truth, it will be a sin if she hides from him more and thinks he is a good father, and she shall tell him. She is about to keep her hand on his shoulder, but just then they hear announcement asking Abhi to come to meet Doctor. Abhi comes there. Doctor tells him that his daughter is a fighter and the operation is successful. She tells that Kiara has a major blood loss and tells that she needs 3 units blood. Abhi says I will bring and then realizes that even his blood is B positive. Doctor says good. Abhi goes to give blood. Pragya asks Doctor what happened? Doctor tells that Abhi went to give blood.

Pragya cries. Disha asks Pragya if Kiara is Abhi and her daughter and says she knows about this, and was waiting for her to tell. She asks until when she will hide from all, and asks her to tell Abhi that Kiara is his daughter. She asks why your heart have become a stone and says when I can see his love for her then why can’t you see. She asks why you don’t want to give him happiness, and says their facial similarities and behavior are same and now even blood is the proof. She says when Kiara grows up and questions you, then she will think you wrong and go away from you. She says let your family unite and asks her not to hide from Abhi. She says if Abhi comes to know about this from someone else then. Pragya says she is helpless and asks her not to tell. Disha asks her not to hide from Abhi. Pragya goes to meet Kiara.

Tanu comes to Aaliya’s room and asks her to come out of bathroom. She says miracle didn’t happen and thinks Disha went to hospital. She calls Disha and asks where are you? Disha says I have no time to hear your nonsense. Tanu asks why you are showing attitude as you think Kiara will unite Abhi and Pragya and tells that this is not going to happen because of her accident. Disha asks how did you know about her accident? Tanu says my friend called me and told that Abhi took a girl to a hospital.

Disha asks what do you mean that Kiara will unite Abhi and Pragya? Tanu says we know that Kiara is their daughter. Disha says so you know. Tanu says but they will not unite. Disha says their daughter will unite them and says she is in pain right now, but her pain will go when she comes to know that her superman is her own father. She says Abhi went to give blood to Kiara and tells that very soon he will come to know that he gave his blood to his own blood. Aaliya comes out and asks what happened? Tanu says even Disha knows about it. Aaliya says if Abhi had known then he would have called Dadi. Tanu asks Aaliya to call him and tell that she died or meet with an accident. Aaliya says if he returns then also he will go back, seeing you fine. Tanu says she will do something and goes out of room.

Pragya is at Kiara’s side. Kiara gains consciousness and feels pain. She asks about Superman, Dada and Sunny. Pragya says Superman went to do your work and Dada is out of Delhi, and Sunny is with his mummy. Nurse comes and gives her medicine. Pragya asks when blood transfusion will start. Nurse says in sometime. Kiara asks her to meet her Superman and says he is my superhero.

Pragya sitting with Kiara. Kiara asks Pragya to meet her superhero/superman and says he asked me not to close her eyes and sang baba black sheep. I told him that he is singing wrong, he asked me not to close eyes. Pragya cries and kisses on her forehead. Kiara asks why are you crying? Pragya says you told me about superman, so I felt like crying. She thinks he is really a superman and thinks of Disha’s words. Kiara says if you meet Superman then will fall in love with him. Pragya thinks I love him, but can’t tell your or him. Tanu thinks I can’t sit quietly and have to do something. She takes marbles from the vase and puts on the staircase. She calls Suwarni Dadi and Dasi and asks them to come. Suwarni Dadi asks why is she shouting if someone died in her mayka. Tanu

thinks you will die. She tells that Dasi’s leg got twisted and is calling her. Dadi says I am coming for her and is climbing down the stairs, when Aaliya sees marbles on the stairs and calls Dadi to alert her, but Dadi steps on the marbles and falls down the staircase. Aaliya shouts at Tanu and says you are impossible. Tanu asks her to take care of Dadi first and says I have much important work to go. Aaliya calls Bahadur.
Abhi gives blood for Kiara and thinks she shall be fine. He asks Nurse about Kiara. Nurse says she is fine and shifted to ward. Nurse says your wife is with Kiara. Abhi says she is not my wife and tells that she is his daughter’s mother, but not his wife. Nurse says what are you saying? She says you must be feeling weak. Abhi tries to explain to her. Nurse asks him to go and meet Kiara and her mum and thinks they became mom and dad without marriage. Abhi sees Pragya standing from far and thinks she is Kiara’s mom. He thinks to meet her later, and thinks to call Pragya first. He looks at Kiara from outside and calls Pragya. Pragya thinks we will meet like a family. She thinks what I will tell him that I have hidden this truth from him and kept his daughter away from him. She thinks Abhi will not be angry with her and will be happy to know that she is Abhigya, although she has a different name Kiara.

Abhi is coming near her, when a fan stops her and shows his son to him. Abhi kisses the boy. Boy waves his hand. Pragya turns and looks at Abhi, while he is turned. She thinks of Kiara’s words. Doctor comes and talks to Pragya. Tanu calls Abhi and tells that Dadi fell down from the stairs and is badly hurt. She says Dadi is taking your name and not letting me do the first aid. She pretends and asks if the doctor came and asks Abhi to come. Abhi says I am thinking which Doctor to call and says he is coming. Tanu thinks I have won Pragya and you have lost again. Abhi turns to Abhi, but sees him gone.

Abhi rushes home and asks Dadi how is she? Dadi asks why did you come here? Tanu says she was doing her foot massage and asks Purab to make Sunny understand and blames him for keeping the marbles on stairs. Tanu says she did the massage. Dadi asks her to take money from Abhi. She asks Abhi about Kiara’s accident. Purab is shocked and calls Disha. Dadi says if I had known that you was with Kiara then I wouldn’t have let you come. She asks him to go to hospital and meet Kiara. Tanu asks what are you saying? Dadi asks Abhi to go. Abhi says Kiara’s mum is with her and says I will be with you. Tanu says Abhi shall stay here. Dadi asks Abhi to go and be with Kiara else she will take out her anger on Tanu. Dasi asks Abhi to go. Tanu thinks I will not let Abhi go from here, and doesn’t care if anyone cries or smile. She asks Abhi not to go and says Dadi will cry once you leave. Abhi looks on.

Disha thinks don’t know why Pragya is doing this and not informing Abhi about her. Purab calls her and asks about Kiara. Disha says she is fine. Purab tells that Abhi came home as Dadi fell down from the stair case. Disha says I will come there. Purab asks her to be there. Disha says I thought Di and jiju will unite, but then he got a call from home. She asks who called him. Purab says don’t know and tells that Abhi loves Dadi and lot and she loves him too. Disha thinks of Tanu’s threat and asks where was she? Purab says I was in office. Disha says Tanu must have made Dadi fell and says she knows that Kiara is di and jiju’s daughter and told me that she won’t let me unite and asked me not to be happy. She says she did this cheap thing and stoop low. Pragya comes and asks Disha if everything is fine at home. Disha thinks she shall not trouble Pragya by telling about Dadi.

Disha talking to Purab on phone. Pragya asks if everything is fine. Disha thinks she shall not tell Pragya di about Dadi. She ends the call and tells that Sunny reached home late and was crying about Kiara. Nurse comes and tells Pragya that Kiara called her. Disha asks can I go and see. Nurse says after one hour. Disha says ok. Pragya comes to Kiara. Kiara tells Pragya about Nikhil kidnapping her and then when she tried to escape, he hit her with his car. Pragya cries. Kiara says Superman didn’t let me do anything. Pragya says we have to tell Police. Kiara asks her not to worry. She asks her to be with her always. Pragya says sorry. Abhi comes to the hospital holding the balloons in his hands. Tu jo Mila plays……He takes lift to come to Kiara and recalls moments with

her. He thinks even Dadi understands his feelings and that’s why sent her back. Kiara asks about Abhi. Pragya says he went for some work. Kiara says he didn’t wait to meet me and says I will not talk to him. Pragya asks her not to say that and says he gave you blood and will be with you always. She says he is best Pa…and then says person. Kiara says you said right that he did so much for me and says I will love him always. She says I called him from my heart and he will come running to me. Pragya smiles and says yes. He thinks Kiara likes balloons a lot.

Tanu searches for Abhi in his room and knocks on his bathroom. She thinks where did Abhi go, if he went to hospital and thinks Suwarni Dasi have gone mad. She thinks Dadi must have sent him to hospital. She thinks Abhi will not go leaving Dadi alone, and asks herself not to be possessive about him. Disha prays to God and asks him if he will be quiet like Pragya di. She says you made him father, but he didn’t know about it. She says why they can’t live as a family and asks to unite them. She asks them to do miracle and unite Abhi, Pragya and Kiara. Abhi is coming to there. Pragya tells Kiara that he will come if you call him. Kiara says you didn’t see him and says he is sweet and handsome. She tells that nobody can harm her as she is supergirl now. Pragya says you have his blood always as you have his blood. Nurse tells Abhi about the ward number. Abhi thinks Kiara’s mum must be upset with him and thinks to cheer her. He asks a woman to give one rose. She identifies him and gives rose from her bouquet. Abhi comes outside the ward and sees Pragya sitting with Kiara. He thinks Pragya came to meet Kiara as I told her. He thinks where is Kiara’s mum, she left her daughter alone. He asks Nurse where is Kiara’s mum. Nurse says the one who is sitting in saree. Abhi says she is Pragya. Nurse says she is Kiara’s mum. Abhi is shocked and drops balloons and rose from his hand shockingly.
Tanu calls Abhi loudly. Dadi asks Dasi to tell her else she will blast the house. Tanu asks where is Abhi? Dasi says he went to hospital. Tanu says you should have told me. Dadi asks Dasi to leave her. Dasi warns her and goes. Tanu thinks I should have killed Dadi, atleast Abhi wouldn’t have gone to hospital. Purab hears her and says you are the one who did Dadi’s accident. Tanu says you know who am I and who are you? She says this is my house and you are guest. Purab says you are guest here and when Pragya and Kiara return here, then you will ask yourself. Tanu asks him not to cross limit and holds his collar. She asks him to apologize else….Purab says you can’t do anything and asks her to treat her brain. He says if they don’t meet then I will unite them, and will make sure. He says psycho like you have no place in Abhi’s life. Tanu gets angry.

Abhi says Kiara is Pragya and my daughter. He gets teary eyes and thinks Pragya can’t be her mum as Kiara showed someone else as her mum. He thinks both the times, I have seen different ladies as her mum. Allah wariyan plays…