12th March Tuesday Update on This is Fate

Karan comes to Sakshi and asks her about the end of story. Sakshi says Prithvi has a lady at home, and a girlfriend; she stands nowhere and doesn’t want Prithvi. Karan tries to convince her but she leaves annoyed at Prithvi. Preeta watches Sakshi leaving angrily and suggests the fight must have increased. Rishab stops her and offers to help her if there is some problem. Preeta asks what Karan did to her. She says they felt bad watching her cry, but they can solve her problem. Karan was tensed which he watch this and was worried this might ruin his game against Prithvi. Preeta watches Karan and thinks Karan must have done something wrong with the girl. Sakshi was furious and says she neither wants a solution nor Prithvi. Preeta now looks towards Karan furiously.
Prithvi follows Sherlin in his car while she drove away.
Preeta and Rishab ask Karan why she took Prithvi’s name. Karan calls the girl a little crazy. Rishab strictly tells him to be clear. Karan makes up a story that he had a breakup with that girl and suggested her for an affair with Prithvi. He then hurries taking a call.Karan was irked over Tapsi for mocking him and ruining whole of his plan. He was obsessed of his status and decides not to speak to her again. He then remembers Prithvi’s deterrence that Karan won’t be able to stop his engagement. Karan was even angry at Preeta as she didn’t know about his attempts to save Preeta. Karan calls Tapsi and convinces that only she loves Prithvi, that Preeta is only doing an arranged marriage with him. Tapsi was angry and wasn’t ready to hear another word about Prithvi, she cuts the call.
Preeta comes to stand with Shrishti in the balcony. Shrishti says Preeta must take rest right now. Preeta says sometimes a minor question complicates the mind. She says she being an elder never hugged anyone, then how did Shrishti hug Sameer at home. Shrishti explains she was only applying an anti-septic over his face, he screamed so she hugged him. Preeta smiles at Shrishti and asks if his heart beat skips every time Sameer comes to her? But when he is near, she feels angry towards him; and when he has left she curses her own self. This is love. Shrishti tells Preeta if she ever experienced this all in her own life, she must look into herself first. Preeta boasts about being an elder in age and experience both. She directly asks Shrishti if she loves Sameer. Shrishti was speechless, and says she doesn’t know what Sameer feels for her. Preeta suggests about finding about it. Shrishti gets an idea for Preeta’s engagement day.Prithvi comes outside Luthra house with a box in hand. He says the list of his enemies has increased, and Karan is on the list now.

Prithvi comes inside. Kareena was curt watching him here. Prithvi asks about Karan and Rishab. Rakhi says Rishab went to jog with his father. Karan comes from behind. Prithvi was happy to him, his mission will now be accomplished. He says he brought a good news for Karan; the invitation card of his engagement and it’s the first invite he is distributing. Karan turns to go for a bath, Prithvi hands the invitation to Rakhi. Kareena tells Prithvi they are already invited by Sarla, Prithvi didn’t need to come here. Prithvi says he is valued by this family and even went on a vacation with them. Kareena leaves the table, Rakhi explains Kareena must have something important. Prithvi thinks Karan must be in his room, asks to use washroom and goes upstairs Sherlin was in the car speaking to her mother when she gets a call from Kareena. Kareena was angry at Sherlin for taking too late to attend her call. Sherlin butters that Kareena is really important for her so she took her call on priority. Kareena tells Sherlin about Prithvi coming to invite them, and asks her to send her mother fix wedding date. Sherlin was determined to shatter Kareena’s attitude as soon as she gets married. After the call, Sherlin says Prithvi and Preeta’s marriage is important than her wedding with Rishab.
In the room, Karan was curt over Prithvi and wonders why Preeta can’t see his real face. He was now determined to tell Preeta about Prithvi’s affair, and will make Tapsi approve of this.
At Mehra Rakhi takes Karan’s consent over a jewelry set. Dadi senses he was absent minded, Dadi reminds him about Kareena’s birthday party. She tells Karan that Kareena is going on a dinner with her friends tomorrow. Karan suggests about arranging a birthday party to arrange for Kareena in the morning to make her feel young.