12th February 2019 Tuesday Update on This is Fate

Mahesh had brought the manager with him. They check for the CCTV video of entrance, but the team couldn’t find any video of the party. They leave for home.
Kareena was worried at home when Rishab and others come. Kareena asks Rishab if he found Sherlin with some stranger. Rishab replies that there was no footage. Kareena blames Preeta for not being able to see Rishab and Sherlin marry. Preeta says she is blaming only because they couldn’t find the CCTV footage. Kareena says no one can easily see CCTV footages so easily; Preeta and Shrishti won’t understand. Mahesh says there wasn’t any CCTV footage otherwise they had got inside.
Sherlin gets a message from Prithvi to meet him outside in the porch. Kareena begins blaming Preeta again. Rishab was about to reply, but Dadi interrupts

Rishab as Kareena is his elder. She says it now seems to her as well that she doesn’t want Rishab to marry Sherlin. Preeta agrees, as that girl isn’t worth him.

Prithvi gets Sherlin’s call. She appreciates Prithvi for managing it. He says his first attempt went in vain and the security threw him away. But then he used his sources and got the video of party. Sherlin asks how he managed this all. Prithvi was boastful, and promises to share the details with her. She should now go inside and show off being innocent and degrade Preeta. He is reaching her home to meet her then. He tells Sherlin about a proof against Preeta to insult her. He left a box for her around. Preeta finds a few bills inside the box.
Preeta was saying that Sherlin doesn’t deserve Rishab. Kareena says she understood Preeta’s intentions the first day. She never wished them marry. Preeta says she made Rishab to agree for marriage, but she realized Sherlin’s truth after their engagement. Dadi asks how Preeta can suddenly change, she herself brought the news of their proposal to her. Preeta says she earlier didn’t realize about Sherlin’s reality. Shrishti says Preeta always wish for the best for their family. Dadi cries that it’s because of Preeta that Karan is in jail right now. Rishab tells Dadi to calm down and not blame Preeta, she can never be wrong. Sherlin comes crying inside and blames Rishab that even he was dubious about her because of Preeta. She hands Rishab a box as a proof of her innocence. She brought her from her car, it has the time and date of her shopping details. At least he must trust over her bills. Rishab checks the bills and says these are the same timings. Preeta also checks the bills. Kareena asks Preeta if it was the same time. Sherlin complains Rishab for doubting her, she respects and trusts him completely and expected the same but it was wrong. She leaves home. Kareena asks Rakhi to let Preeta leave. Rishab insists it was a mistake. But Preeta still insists she herself saw Sherlin there. Dadi blames Preeta for the reason behind Karan being in jail. Rishab stops everyone. Kareena says Rishab is on his brother’s enemy’s side right now. Shrishti takes Preeta.
Outside, Shrishti tells Preeta to go home, she will be back soon. She comes to the jail. The lady inspector asks her to sign the register. Shrishti complains no rules are ever followed anywhere, except for here. Karan asks Shrishti what happened. Shrishti complains that Karan is enjoying here with the men.

Karan boasts they are fan. She complains his family hurt her sister, and blamed her for her truth and character. Kareena blamed that he is in jail because of Preeta. Karan asks why Preeta went to her. Shrishti says Mahesh took them. And then there were two questions, how he got the drugs, and who was with Sherlin in the party. Karan asks if she knows about Sherlin? Shrishti says everyone has come to know. READ NEXT/13 FEB WED ON THIS IS FATE