12th April Friday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World

Aaliya asks the waiter if he has seen anything, he says yes, tanu yells at him for keeping a check on them, the waiter says i am going to Abhi Sir and will tell him, what i have seen, he says i know you wanted to kill Pragya Mam and you had planned all of this, Aaliya says you will not do this, you will lose job and money, the waiter says i don’t want to work for people like you who are murderer.

Aaliya tells him to cool down while Tanu throws money at him, tanus says you won’t get money for saying truth but if you remain silent, you can start a new life, the waiter picks up money and says, see, anyone can be bought with money.

Abhi and King reach hospital, Abhi requests the nurse to make sure Pragya is well soon, King says nothing will happen to her, we got her time, Abhi is tensed and says i am responsible for what happened, King says its not your fault,you saved her just in time, doctor will take care of her, Abhi checks with the nurses and loses his cool as he finds out doctor is not available, doctor comes and says, stop creating scene, we will attend patient, king notices Abhi being too tensed.

Doctors treat Pragya, King says i am sorry Pragya, i didn’t save you, please get well soon, i will not let anything happen to you, abhi and purab are tensed too as doctor is treating pragya.

Tanu and Aaliya think to check on Pragya at the hospital, the waiter stops the, Tanu says you don’t have to thank for money, take this money and start a new life. The guy says, you need this money, you can keep it, you are big people, you will need this money, he says i have not seen so much entire life, what will i do, he says for me my respect matters, i don’t want to be a person like you, he says i will go and tell Abhi all the truth. Tanu warns him not to leave the house. The guy pushes her away and runs out of the house.

Abhi checks about Pragya with the nurse, she says we can’t say anything now. Nurse asks Abhi who is the husband, he is ready to sign them, Purab stops him, he recollects Pragya’s word, that King is her husband now, King comes ahead to sign the papers.

Abhi blames himself for Pragya being in danger, Purab tells him it was an accident and he should not blame himself. Abhi sees Pragya in the OT room and is tensed for her. He enters the room, doctor tells him to get out, abhi pleads doctor to please save pragya. Abhi prays to God.

Dasi and others come to hospital, they ask about Pragya, Dadi says i had told you to forgive Pragya and he should have got her home, Dasi asks if there is anything to worry, Purab says doctors are undergoing operation,

Dasi says you can do things right you should tells the other person, how important they are to you, tells Abhi to trust in God and Pragya will get well soon. King sees everyone’s concern for Pragya. Disha sees King and is tensed.

Suwarni Dasi worrying about Pragya. King comes to them and says nothing will happen to her. He gets Chachi’s call and tells she is fine. Suwarni Dasi asks Disha who is he? Disha says he is Pragya’s boss. Suwarni Dasi thinks boss cares for Pragya and prays for her. Tanu tells Aaliya that Abhi will not leave them, says he will kill me. She says he might throw me out of house if not kill me. Aaliya says this all happened because of you, and says you tried to buy John. She says I was threatening him, but you tried to give him money. They blame each other. Tanu says I won’t let my life ruin because of the Servant, and says my dream to become Mrs. Universe will end. She says you don’t have any dream, you will always cry for Purab. Aaliya asks her to apologize to her.


Tanu refuses and says she will take them out of the mess.
Kiara tells Sunny that Chachi and Tarun slept. Sunny says I am getting sleep. Kiara calls driver and says Mama and Papa are not picking her call. Driver says they are busy. Kiara says she fell down and can’t walk. Driver tells her about Pragya’s accident. Kiara is shocked and tells Sunny that she wants to go to her mum. She walks out of room.
King tells Suwarni Dasi that she shouldn’t have come. Suwarni Dasi says until I see her, I won’t go. Nurse comes out and tells that they need blood. They need AB positive blood. Suwarni Dasi tells that her blood is AB +, but Nurse tells that they need someone else blood. Purab recalls and tells that Disha’s blood group is same. Disha is also in the hospital. Sunny calls her and tells that Kiara’s mum met with an accident and he is going with her. Disha asks him to stop Kiara from going to hospital, but Sunny tells that he can’t stop Kiara. Disha thinks may be this is the right time for everyone to know the truth and may be Abhi and Pragya unite. She gets Purab’s call.

Tanu thinks of John’s words and then Pragya’s words. She closes the window and says no storm will come in my house and life, and I will close all the windows. She thinks when I don’t let Pragya come in my life then how is this john. She thinks time has come to call him back. She calls Nikhil. Nikhil asks if she needs him to get Abhi’s help. Tanu says I need your help. She tells that today was Purab and Disha’s anniversary party and tells everything. She asks him to stop John from reaching the hospital. Nikhil says ok and thanks her for calling him and says he has reminisced all past nights with her.

Disha gives her blood. Abhi looks at Pragya. John tries to take an auto, but he couldn’t get any auto. He calls Robin and informs him that someone made the chandelier fall down and he will tell after reaching hospital. Robin thinks who want to kill her. John thinks he will walk to the hospital. Kiara calls Driver and asks him to reach asap. Driver says he is coming. Sunny asks her not to cry. Nikhil gets Tanu’s message and sees John pic. He says old story will end and new will start. King tries to organize the blood. Disha comes and tells that she will give her blood. Abhi thanks her. Disha asks him not to thank her and says Pragya is like her sister. King thinks why they are so sad for Pragya, I am worried for her, but they are broken. Everything seems strange.

Suwarni Dadi asking Abhi to take her to temple. King says I will take you. Dadi says I will go with Abhi. Abhi says he don’t want to go. Purab tells King that Abhi doesn’t believe much on God. King thinks why I am feeling that everyone knows something which I don’t. Abhi looks at Pragya from the OT window and cries. Aaliya thinks of John threatening to reveal their crime before Abhi, and Abhi’s anger for Pragya. She thinks even today he is staying in Pragya’s memories and the feeling is enough to get angry on others. She thinks I should have helped Tanu that day, and thinks don’t know why Pragya couldn’t disconnect her from Abhi. She thinks Tanu might have thought something.

Tanu calls Nikhil and asks where you will keep John. Nikhil asks her not to call

him and let him concentrate on work. He says I am a businessman and not a contract killer. Tanu says you have done murderers and big crimes. He stops the car and asks her to talk with respect. He says next time, you shall request me. He gives her 5 second and asks her to apologize. Tanu says sorry. Nikhil says I am not old Nikhil and promises to do her work.
John is walking on the road and thinks he can’t believe that such people stays in the family. He thinks Tanu might have conspired to kick Pragya out and must have married abhi. He thinks to inform Abhi about Aaliya and Tanu. Sunny asks Kiara not to cry and says if she cries then he will also cry. Driver says Pragya Maam must be fine. Kiara asks Sunny why is he crying? Sunny says he felt like his sister is crying. Kiara says I will not cry and promises her. Sunny says nothing will happen to aunty.

Doctor says case is critical, they have to call London doctor and take an opinion. King thinks of Abhi’s concern and worry for Pragya. Abhi cries looking at Prgaya from the window. Doctor comes out. Abhi asks if she gains consciousness. Doctor says no and tells that her nerve is damaged by the glass piece and she is not responding to treatment. She says they are more blood from Disha. Abhi asks Doctor to get her treated by the best doctor and not to worry about money. Doctor says even King said the same and assures that she will be fine.

Robin thinks why John haven’t come till now. John is still on the road. Robin asks him to tell who wants to kill Pragya. John takes the auto. Robin asks him to tell who is the killer. John is about to tell when his phone battery switches off. Nikhil is following John in the car.

Taya ji talks to his friend and asks him to tell about the good doctor. Abhi thinks I can’t see you like this, I will never blame you for anything. Doctor comes and asks them to believe on God, he will make everything fine. King asks then what you are doing. Doctor asks him to give them sometime. King asks what the hell are you doing. Taya ji asks him to trust God. Aaliya comes to Tanu and asks are you okay, what you are doing in darkness? Tanu says she likes darkness. Aaliya says you will fall in depression. Tanu says darkness hides everything, me or the truth. Aaliya asks what happened? Tanu says she has became confident. Aaliya asks if she has gone mad to sit infront of mirror and admiring herself. Tanu says I can do anything and win from Pragya.

Aaliya asks have you lost your pricky mind and says we shall go to hospital and tell that someone manipulated John. Tanu says who has manipulated John and says Abhi will never believe. She asks her to stop thinking and says your mind is going in wrong direction. Aaliya says why you want me to sit here. Tanu says John will not reach hospital and says just as we handled Pragya, john will be handled too. Tanu says good bye Pragya, your story is ended.