11th April Thursday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World

King telling Dasi that he got an important call. Dasi stops him. King says I will talk to Pragya and tells that he has played a fun game with them. He sees Pragya upset and asks if she is hiding anything. Pragya says no, and says you might be hiding something from me to divert me. Abhi and Dasi go. King thinks something is bothering her. Tanu says so according to plan, Aaliya will bring Pragya near the chandelier, and I have to cut the rope. She searches for knife and scolds John. John asks what do you need? She says tissue papers. John says he has kept it. Tanu scolds him and asks him to keep tissue papers. John goes. Tanu gets the knife and talks to it saying it will cut the connection between Abhi and Pragya. She says my revenge will be fulfilled now. Abhi looks at Pragya.

Kaisa yeh ishq hai….plays….They cross each other and their hands touch each other’s hand.
Pragya and Abhi recall eachother’s words. Abhi recalls Pragya telling that King is her husband now. Robin comes to Pragya. Pragya asks how are you? Robin says everyone here missed you and asks can I do something for you. Pragya asks him to take care of her and everyone. She goes. John comes to Robin and asks why he is emotional. Robin tells that Pragya is real wife of Abhi and best bahu of the house. John asks who is Tanu? Robin says she became his wife forcibly and tells that he is staying in the house for pragya’s promise. He tells that Aaliya and Tanu are bad, and he wants Pragya to return.

Purab and Disha come to room. Disha says guests are waiting for them. Purab asks how did you identity me. Disha says she has identified him just like that. Purab gets romantic. Hawayein song plays….Purab asks how do you identify me? Disha says from your smell, not perfume smell, but your smell which makes me mad. Purab says I will hug you. Aaliya comes and asks what is happening? Purab says romance, do you have any problem. Aaliya goes upset. Disha tells Purab that today her problem is solved as she was always worried because of Aaliya. She says your support is the best anniversary gift till date. Tanu comes out from kitchen and collides with Pragya, knife falls down from her hand. Aaliya thinks why did she hold the knife in party. Pragya asks what you are doing with knife? Tanu says you shall not interfere. Aaliya comes and asks Tanu why did she bring knife for cake cutting. She gives knife to Servant and asks him to give later. Pragya asks why did she hide if she brought knife for cake cutting. Tanu says she doesn’t want to answer. Aaliya tells Tanu that Pragya is their guests and asks her to come. She asks Pragya to come as well. Aaliya scolds Tanu and asks why did she collide with Pragya. She asks her not to complicate their plan and asks her not to argue with her and do as she said.

Mitali says even Tanu have to play the game and asks her to beat Disha’s timing in the game. Tanu says I don’t want to play the game. Mitali asks her to think this game as Mrs. Universe contest. She asks where is Abhi? Raj asks Abhi to play. Abhi says no. Taya ji asks him to play. Abhi comes there. Mitali asks Abhi and Tanu to play. Abhi refuses. Pragya thinks what knife was doing in Tanu’s hand. Aaliya tells Tanu that she has to play the game as Pragya is doubtful on her. Tanu asks are you scaring me. Aaliya asks her to see her. Tanu says she is staring me. Aaliya asks her to divert her till she finishes her work. She collides with King and wonders if he heard their conversation.

Aaliya asking Tanu to play the game so that she can do her work. She turns to go and sees King. She thinks if he heard me. King thinks why is she smiling as she gets irritated seeing me. Aaliya asks Dasi to tell Abhi to play the game and says if Tanu identifies him while blindfolded then we will know who loves him more. Dasi says Pragya. Aaliya says let them play the game and see. Dasi says it won’t be right.


Aaliya says may be Tanu will identify Abhi and Pragya will identify King. Mitali says Pragya might identify Abhi as her husband. Aaliya asks Dasi to convince Abhi. Abhi agrees. Disha tells Purab that they shall talk to Pragya about Kiara. Mitali thanks Dasi for convincing them. Abhi thinks he don’t want to play the game else Pragya’s words will come true. Mitali

ties blind fold on Tanu’s eyes. Dasi asks John to ask Aaliya to get gift from her cupboard. John says ok. Mitali asks Tanu to walk. Aaliya is going to cut Chandelier rope when John follow her to tell about Dasi’s message.
Tarun tells Kiara that he can’t agree as he is scared of his mum. Kiara insists. Tarun says you didn’t see how she beats me and says she will make me ghost in reality by beating. Kiara convinces him and says she will arrange the dress. Tanu is walking. Mitali thinks if she is going out. Abhi thinks if Tanu searches me then Pragya’s doubt will come true and I can’t let this happen. Hum nawa mere plays……Tanu comes to Abhi and says I know it is you, I can feel you. Pragya gets upset. She sees his shoes and thinks I can see everything. She is about to give him dandiya. Mitali stops her and says this is real direction. She turns her and says I know you can see everything and ties blind fold again. This time Tanu can’t see anything. She identifies Robin as abhi and says she can identify him among thousand of crowd. Everyone laugh. Robin also smiles. Aaliya asks Tanu why did she show off? He looks at Pragya and King. Jo mere did ko….song plays….Aaliya thinks I have to do my second work soon. She looks at the chandelier. Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words that he has right on memories, but not on her and King is her husband.

Aaliya comes to cut the rope, but just there John comes there and tries to give her Dasi’s message, but she scolds him and asks him to go.

Kiara makes Tarun scare Chachi. Chachi gets up shouting ghost. Kiara and Sunny laugh hiding. Chachi runs after Tarun to beat him. Disha thanks King and Pragya for coming and asks them to play the game. Pragya nods no. Tanu takes the mic and asks if she is scared to play. Pragya says not scared.

Tanu says you were laughing when I played. And tells that you people are best couple of Delhi and says you have to play. She challenges him. King says I will play and will not lose the game. Mitali says she will bring blindfold.READ NEXT/ FRI 12 APR ON TWIST OF FATE