10th February Sunday Update on Twist of Fate

Abhi comes out and hugs Purab. They decide to go there. Purab says Disha will handle everything. Abhi says she can’t handle. Inspector says I will also come there. Abhi and Purab are in the car. Pragya sees temple and asks driver to stop the car. Abhi thinks if she is pragya then she will get down from the car.

Abhi calling Disha and asks her to go from there as Pragya is coming. Disha asks Purab’s friend to act and not to over act and think it as a best performance. She asks where is your moustache. He searches for it. Pragya sees Disha in the house and thinks if they are trying to know his identity. She smiles and hides seeing Abhi and Purab coming there. Purab and Abhi think to do party tonight. Pragya thinks we will party when I tell you truth. She goes to the man’s house. He asks who are you? Abhi, Purab and Disha go to the CCTV room. Pragya asks the man if he is Yadav. Man says your husband have hit me badly and says I don’t want your money and salt which you wants to sprinkle on my wounds. Pragya says I came to talk to you. She says my husband is good and straight

forward. She says he can’t harm anyone. Man asks if my wounds are fake. She says Abhi is beaten up in the lock up.
Abhi says he is doing loud acting. Abhi says if my kumkum is gone then my life will be gumsum/silent. She also acts and says what I will do without him. She says because of this, his image, reputation, career etc will be ruined. Abhi gets happy and says she is my pragya. Purab hugs Disha and says we have won. Disha says you got your wife. Abhi says fuggi. Man asks what do you mean that I shall not get compensation. Pragya says you will get money and asks him to tell how much money he wants. Man thinks he wants more money. Abhi says Pragya will never hide crime with money. Purab says he is right. Disha says she might want to record his statement and save you. Pragya offers 1 crore. Man says ok.

Pragya says your time will change. She then says she will tell 2.5 crores and says it will be her commission. He says you are Abhi’s wife. Pragya says I am not his wife, but village’s Munni. She says she is trying to get money from him and says she shall take bath in money. She says she will make flyover in her villager. She asks him to learn to betray when gets chance. Man gets tensed.

Pragya says are you getting tensed thinking your lie will be caught. Ankit says what you are doing? Pragya says your moustache fell down and tells that your game is over, and also the three joker’s game who is behind the camera. Abhi, Purab and Disha are shocked. Inspector comes there and says he will not let her do wrong with him. Ankit tells Veer Pratap that Pragya knows about their plan. Pragya calls them. Purab says we have become Gandhi ji 3 jokers, one is the lady. Purab asks Abhi to come. Pragya tells Inspector that the other artiste is feeling shy and says we shall go to CCTV room.. She goes there and asks them to come out.

Pragya asks Inspector to take action. Inspector says it was planned. Pragya asks can I ask you why you have done this? Abhi says no. Pragya says what do you think that I will not know and says I have 6 eyes. She says you gets caught while stealing. Abhi says you are hiding that you are Pragya from me. Inspector asks can I go. Abhi asks them to go. Pragya asks Ankit not to do over acting next time. She says she enjoyed ruining their plan. Purab asks her to tell how did she know about their plan. Abhi says I have tolerated much and asks her to tell if she is pragya or Munni. Pragya says Pragya.

Pragya telling Abhi that she is Pragya and can be Munni. Pragya asks Doctor to check the report and goes to make something for Dadi. Doctor asks Dadi where is Pragya? He says you are unwell and recovery is difficult in this age. Dadi smiles and asks Doctor not to tell anyone about her illness. Doctor goes. Dadi tells Dasi that her time has come and she wants to make her will. READ NEXT/11 FEB ON TWIST OF FATE