10th April Wednesday Update on Twist is Fate Zee World

Mitali tells about the game in which couple will participate. Abhi and Pragya look at each other.

King comes between them and says Chachi called. Purab nods Abhi not to talk to her. Mitali asks Robin to bring the game stuff. Robin brings Dandiya. Mitali says wife have to blind herself and search her husband and give Dandiya to him. She says wife has to identify husband in 1 min until the music plays….She asks Robin to play music and says winner will not get any prize. She asks married couples to come. She takes Abhi, Purab and asks King to come. King tells Pragya how we can play. Mitali asks if he is bribing her and takes him to play. King gets a call and says he will be back. Aaliya scolds John for making something fall. Tarun calls King and asks if we can come to the party. Kiara blackmails Tarun to talk to King. King says there are no kids here. Kiara talks to King and asks her to comee.
King asks Tarun not to bring Kiara to party. Aaliya comes infront of King. King and Aaliya have an argument. King comes back to play the game. Mitali says we will start with Disha and Purab. Purab says disha will identify him. Mitali blind folds Disha. Disha starts walking. Abhi looks at Pragya. Song plays….Disha identifies Purab and hugs him. Aaliya thinks to make Chandelier fall on her. She thinks this is the best way to get rid of her. She calls Tanu. Everyone claps. Disha says Mitali bhabhi misguided her so she will also misguide her. Mitali says it is a game. Mitali recalls spraying special perfume on Raj and tells that she will identify her husband with her heart. Pragya comes to Abhi and asks why is he staring her? abhi says I want to talk to you and holds her hand.

Abhi telling Pragya that he needs to talk to her. Mitali is blindfolded and checks from where the smell is coming. Disha calls John and sprays perfume on him. Mitali gets confused. Raj calls her name. Mitali opens her blindfold and comes to Raj. Disha says cheating and shows the perfume bottle. Mitali says at the end, I came to my Raj. Kiara and Sunny asks Tarun to act like Amitabh bachchan else they will call King and tell that he didn’t take care of them.

Abhi takes Pragya to room . She asks him to leave her hand, asks what is this misbehavior. Abhi asks why did she dance with King and snatched his dreams. Pragya says I was dancing with my husband. Abhi says you were dancing like you used to dance with me and says that memories are mine, and you can’t share it

with anyone. Pragya says it is my memories too. Abhi asks her not to do with King what she has done with him like holding his hand and dancing. Pragya says you have thrown me out of your life and have no right on me. You have right on memories, but not on me. She says you have problem as I am dancing with someone else. You can’t bear to see me dancing with someone else and asks him to understand that King is her husband now, which you were some years back. Abhi asks why did you marry him so soon and says I heard you talking to Police Inspector that you were married to him since 7 years. He says if it was easy for you to forget me so easily and got married. He says you also loved me then why did you break relation with me easily. He says why did you marry king immediately after breaking up with me. He says you might have married him in London as nobody would ask you about your past. He asks why did she show off about King and asks why did she marry him and not someone else.


Pragya says it is your jealousy. Abhi says you got married to Raja babu. Pragya says you are the best of best. Abhi says yes. Pragya says if you was best then you would have been with me,. She says you can’t see me dancing with King. Abhi says I have problem with your sync. Pragya says even I can accuse you for making Tanu wear mangalsutra in the party and says she least care for it. Abhi says she forced him. Pragya says she was also not dancing happily. Abhi says now you spoke. Pragya asks why did you marry Tanu and says you married her because of hatred towards me. She asks if he wanted to marry Tanu and that’s why kicked me out of your life. Abhi says you don’t know about the circumstances. Pragya says when you can take decision to throw me out of your life then you can marry Tanu with your wish, nobody can force you. Abhi says I got married to you due to helplessness and says my both marriages happened without my wish.

Aaliya comes to Tanu and tells that she has planned to make Chandelier fall on Pragya. Tanu says I am Abhi’s wife now and can’t do this road side work. Aaliya says if Abhi chose Pragya then you will be on road. She tells that even if Pragya gets saved then she might suffer face injuries or if she is saved then King might not let her come here. She says until King is here, she will not go.

Pragya says you got married to me to take revenge. Abhi says you wanted to say that we shall not marry. Pragya says yes, we shouldn’t have married else we wouldn’t have been accusing eachother. She says you never bothered to know if I am alive or dead. Abhi says if our marriage was a mistake then what was the best phase of our life. He says even if it is mistake for you, but it was best phase of my life. He says let me live in my misunderstanding and congrats her for her wedding and her new life. He says I will never forget our meeting and your thinking that our marriage is a mistake. Abhi’s photo frame falls down. Pragya gets sad and admires his pic.