10th April Wednesday Update on This is Fate Zee World

Sanju sees that everyone is locked into their rooms and when he is about to kidnap the doctor, Sanjana comes and wonders who is sleeping, she remembers that it is the doctor who checked Sherlin, she wonder what the Doctor is doing in their house, she tries to wake her but the doctor does not wake then she decides to ask Karan the next day, she leaves and Sanju follows her in order to lock her in the room, saying that God gave him a chance to Karan his work trouble free.

Sanju again enters the room and starts to tease the doctor and feels to kill her, he thinks and calls Prithvi, Prithvi is worried and asks if he is okay, Sanju says that everything is fin e and nothing can stop him ow that he is about to kill the Doctor, Prithvi ask him to finish him, he ask him that he must control the girl sitting with him, Sherlin gets angry but Prithvi stops her and calls Sanju saying that what he has to say.

Sanju says that he wanted to ask if he should kill her, Prithvi says that he must kill her rather bringing as this will create a problem ,Prithvi forces him to which Sanju says that he has no place to keep her as he is alone and there e is none to help him and he must do it alone, Prithvi tells him that there are a lot of people after him and he will not do such a thing again, Sanju asks him where to bring the doctor as he has no place to keep her, he then says that he can bring her to Prithvi’s house, Sherlin gets angry and says lot of bad things to him at which Sherlin gets angry, Prithvi asks her to ask for Sanju’s forgiveness, she agrees but says that she will not live with them, Prithvi tells Sanju that the doctor cannot live with them, he says that he will take the doctor someplace else. Prithvi says that he will double his payment,

Preeta wakes up and realizes that she is Karan’s house, she thinks of waking him up but thinks that he will only wake at the ring of the bell. And so she must go alone.

Sanju tries to strangle the Doctor but stops thinking that he will get double payment if she is alive and so thinks that he has to protect his brother’s life and so he must help Prithvi, He wakes her up.

Sanju is taking Doctor Seema, Preeta wakes up and is walking, her Dupatta gets stuck in the staircase, she feels that someone is holding it but when she turns no one is there, Sanju tries to unlock the door, Preeta hears it and turns on the lights.
Prithvi and Sherlin are in the car and they both decide that they should go to the luthra’s house, Sanju is very angry with Preeta and finds a good opportunity to kill her, he turns towards her with his gun and slams her against the wall, Karan gets u and comes own.
Sarla wakes up and is very tensed, she runs to call Preeta but she is not answering the phone.
Sarla is very tensed but Shristhri says that she should call her, Sanju is trying to kill Preeta, Prithvi and Sherlin are looking fro outside, She says that he should go inside,

says that he will not as he is to marry Preeta saying that if he goes inside she will recognize him and become suspicious, Karan is looking for Preeta, she breaks free from Sanju and hits him with a vase
Sameer unlocks Rakhi and Mahesh they ask what the matter is Sameer says that he doesn’t know and they should go and check if the others are in the same condition.
Preeta runs to help he doctor, Sanju sees her and takes out his knife, when he is about to kill her Karan comes and fights with him, he stops Sanju, Preeta is very tense and she runs to Hug him, they have a romantic moment,and she hugs him very tightly, Preeta is very stresses, Karan tries to comfort her.
He says that he was a little late and asks if she is fine, he says that no one will hide from them.
Sherlin is looking inside, Everyone comes to them, Rakhi recognizes the Doctor and says that she is the maternity Doctor, they all get curious and ask them as to what the matter is, They asks about Sanju, Chachi asks what happened as she feels hat there was a fight, Rishab asks Sameer, Karan says that he will tell them that truth, Preeta worries that he will tell the truth,Karan asks him and he say that he is Neil’s little brother, Karan asks Preeta is he can tell everyone the truth and she agrees, Karan says that he has to ask her for Permission,
rishab asks him hwhy was Sanju here,

Preeta points to Docotr, Karean says that ghe is here t kidbnap her adn he ws trying to take revenge for hs brother, they all suddenly get worried and asks Preeta if she is alright
and did she sustain any injuries, Preeta says that she is and has only sustained little scratches but there is nothing serious.Karina asks what the Doctor id doing here, Rishab also gets curious, Karina takes Sameers phone and asks if he has Sarla Auroras number,Karan and Preeta get worried that their truth will come out

Karan says that he went to Kidnap Preeta from the hospital, Doctor Seema called him and he went and saved her, Doctor was also worried for her and came with them, he also came as he knew their plan and came to their house again
he tried to to kidnap her again when Doctor Semma tried to help her, Sanju hit her with a heavy vase, he got late and came to help her, he hit Sanju until he got unconscious.

Karina asks for Preeta’s number saying that she will tell her mother that Preeta is in trouble and ask her to come and get her as this will make their worries go away.READ NEXT  Thurs 11TH April on This is fate