03 Sep Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

03 Nov Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

Kutumbh and munna in the street of CC. kutumbh says Indu a little spoiled child put them on the street,Munna says as she’s the daughter of Hitler.
Munna is making tea in a corner of the street his friends ask him how is he feeling in his five stars hotel he gets irk and pushes them away.kutumbh says how come Indira returns back everytime after facing death,Munna says she has got a contract with God.
Indira in SN is a bit afraid and Indu with rishi try to decode what she wants to say.Indu tells Rishi to pay heed to Indira as she’s saying something about the family.she was the one to explain to her how to say something about family members.

Rishi brings her downstairs and tells her to point out who did wrong with her.All the family members are in a line and Rishi tells Indira not to be afraid…He asks her who’s pointing at each and everyone.
Zara tells Indira to come with her and show her who’s…
Indu tells Zara to go in the queue as the other family members and finally all scared Indira pointed to Zara…
Zara says she can’t share her love with anyone and Indira wants to snatch him from her.rishi asks Zara why she did so and says she cannot live he takes the revolver from the inspector who comes on Rishi request to arrest the culprit and shoots to Zara.
It is all Zara illusion,she comes to reality and begins her acting she claims that no one ever accepted her since she came in Sn and she always try to help Indira.She continues to signal Indira that she’ll keep her.Indira has flashback of Zara breaking her doll head and gets afraid.Indu tells Rishi that indira wants to say something about Zara and she’s the culprit of Indira.Zara put on her facade and begins to cry.Rishi asks the policeman to leave.

They are all in SN and Vanraj brings the real death certificate and Rishi read it and see that the victim has 6 toes and Munna says mean it is Savita.Indur also recalls partly of what he has seen with savita behind the wall he talked with her but Savita did not answer.Sunaina is super happy she runs into the arms of Munna.Rishi says if the body was of Savita who’s trying to kill Indira?Zara gets tense.
Everyone are entering in and they talk about the tunnel and Sunaina tells Rishi she made the video of Savuita who was talking about the tunnel.Indira with rishi are standing near the tunnel entry from the road and Indira has flashbacks of all the happening with Savita and Zara when they kidnapped her she keeps looking at the covered entry.
Rishi with Indira are in their room and Indu brings the invitation for tomorrow 9th February for valentines party.Rishi says how can they go when the invitees name is not on the card but Indu wants to go…Rishi says fine.